Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Tucker Carslon, the Great Replacement theory and Viktor Orban - and why you should be worried

Experts worry that Mr Carlson’s obsessive chatter about the subject could act as a gateway drug to the harder stuff. As Nicole Hemmer, a historian at Columbia University, argued last month: “Someone like Carlson can introduce viewers to ideas that they then explore more fully online, searches that lead them into far-right spaces that either reinforce their existing views or radicalise them. But someone like Carlson is also important because he legitimates those ideas, making them seem less radical when viewers see them.”


  1. Yes! Stick with the Plan!!

    That is exactly why I push so hard from the so-called Right. The idea is to tug the Overton Window in our direction.

  2. Wow that explains why the leftist ideas have gone mainstream - because you have been tugging at the Overton Window

  3. People miss this: Trump isn't the problem Trump is the reaction to the problem.
    Trump's campaign in 2016 was based on this - the Left is increasingly nuts and only I can save you from them. Problem for you is: he's right. The Left is increasingly nuts. Leftists like Bill Maher and Elon Musk are already wondering how they are now on the centre-right of the spectrum when they haven't changed.
    This happened with Brexit too - if you were pro-Brexit you were labelled as scum because only scum would want to leave the EU. The pro-Brexit leaders ran with the resentment this caused and won. Trump ran with the resentment of a population increasingly being told that they were evil and that their country was evil because they were White.
    So yes, Carlson likes talking about it. Every time someone announces that America is rotten, built on slavery and systemically racist, they give him fodde.

  4. Things in the U.S. would be a lot worse without the resistance from the Right.

    There is a reason domestic terrorism is a top policy priority for the Left. The Left controls much of academia, the media, entertainment industry, legal profession, and government. Yet still the Right stubbornly remains. Thus the Left has to resort to law enforcement, specifically the Joint Terrorism Task Force, to eradicate the Right.

    This demonstrates that the Left is desperate and failing.


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