Saturday, January 1, 2022

Chaim Walder's attorneys

Advocate Mickey Hova and Advocate Guy Shemer, on behalf of Velder, responded: “The writer Haim Velder vehemently denies any allegation of immoral conduct on his part, mild or severe. Rabbi Eliyahu is interviewed by every media channel and expresses his opinion against our client with insults and harsh remarks towards him and even called for his books to be taken out of the houses. “Decides his case clearly.”
“Only after Rabbi Eliyahu decided the law of our client, since he was invited to present his version before the Torah court where he serves as the court’s father. Rabbi Eliyahu also addressed the Knesset, in this language: ‘He has two options at this stage. Either admit and accept an answer or he will have to face a verdict that will embarrass him and his wife and family greatly. Especially if materials published by different journalists are published. ‘ And see this is a miracle – after our client informed Rabbi Eliyahu that the tribunal is not the proper forum to discuss such matters, the rabbi’s promise was fulfilled through the current article. We will clarify that a tribunal that appoints itself and decides a person’s guilt and only then invites his version to be heard is a field tribunal to which the truth is foreign and the rules of justice are not his. We would like to express our astonishment at the conduct of the Haaretz newspaper, which persecutes our clients and serves as a platform for publishing gossip. “Our client will not give up and he is ready to fight for his good name, to the end,” they said.

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