Saturday, January 29, 2022

Rife with Therapies- anti -esatblishment advice?!

Turning the lens inward, our community seems to have its own rather complex relationship with the dichotomy of establishment consensus versus skeptical minority opinion. Some people who don’t fit in to all the neat communal boxes, for example, feel disenfranchised by what they see as elitist condescension in areas like school admissions, shidduchim, and other areas.

Yet in the hot-button political and medical debates of recent years, parts of the community have also manifested a paranoiac distrust of mainstream institutions and expert consensus. And strangely, there often seems to be a simultaneous adoption of both of these extremes, applied selectively depending on the issue.

Ross Douthat’s advice to American society — to open-mindedly consider alternative wisdom, yet not descend into paranoid suspicion of mainstream thinking either — seems like good counsel for us, too

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