Sunday, January 23, 2022

Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef jokes: Rabbi Shlomo Goren put Abba Eban to sleep

He said, "Then there was the issue of the brother and sister, the Langer siblings, which was a problem of mamzerim (children born from a union forbidden according to halakha who cannot marry anyone but other mamzerim). Rabbi Goren then wrote [that they were not mamzerim). The head of the Great Rabbinical Court, the entire rabbinical court, ruled that they were forbidden [to marry] and he ruled that they were permitted. There was an argument. The heads of government came at the time and began to chide [Rabbi Ovadia Yosef]. 'You should learn from your colleague, from Rabbi Goren. You also have the power to permit.' They chided him. Moshe Dayan said something I remember to this day: 'I don't care how you permit, I just want the bottom line that they are permitted.' Just like that."


  1. Also Rav Elyashiv permitted , or found leniencies for agunot, that is how he was recrutied by Rav Herzog into the Rabbanut.

  2. There was one incident during the period when Rav Goren and Rav Yosef had their little tiffs, when Rav Ovadiah and him rebbetzen got stuck in an elevator in some building - and she suggested it was orchestrated by Goren!
    This battle lasted around 2 years, and they returned to being friends again. Which is a miracle, since Rabbonim very rarely settle with their bitter rivals and become friends again.

  3. Also, rambam in hilchot Sanhedrin says that if 2 dayanim hate each other, they should not sit on the same bd, because they will be fighting instead of judging. Rav yosef suggested rav Goren sits on a particular bd, but his response was that he can't sit with people who hate him.


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