Friday, January 21, 2022

After a Year in Office, How Biden's Approval Rating Stacks Up Against Trump's

A year into his presidency, President Joe Biden is more popular than former President Donald Trump was after his first year, but not by much, with both presidents having similar ratings after their first year in office.

Biden's overwhelming election victory was viewed as a referendum on Trump's administration and some championed the win as a rejection of the former president. However, Biden's honeymoon phase with voters ended in the summer and problems with the economy and the ongoing pandemic has continued to drag down his approval rating.

A year after being inaugurated, Biden's average approval rating stands at just 42 percent, according to FiveThirtyEight. The president's rating is lower than the approval ratings nearly all of his predecessors had at this point in their presidencies in the last 70 years. The one exception is Trump, who had only a 39.5 percent approval rating a year into his presidency.


  1. The difference is that Trump entered with a poor rating and it dropped slightly and then held. Biden entered with a high rating and watched it drop and drop and drop...
    If all you've got left is "Well Trump's rating was lower!" you've got nothing.

  2. if that is your best argument you've got nothing


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