Saturday, January 29, 2022

No Fourth Vaccine for Me - nonsensense from Mispacha Magazine's resident "godol"

I decided against a fourth Covid vaccine when Israel made them available to those over 60 a few months ago. For one thing, despite the above-the-fold headlines every day about the dramatic increase in cases due to the rapid spread of the Omicron variant, the numbers of those requiring hospitalization were by no means commensurate. Most of my children and grandchildren have tested positive, and not one had more than a bad cold or flu-like symptoms for a few days.

And though I qualified for the vaccine by age, I’m healthy.



I decided to post the above after receiving a glowing review from a friend

He attempted to coherently sort out the relevance for different people and populations instead of the sweeping generalizations we're constantly hearing.
He touched on 'saftyism' which adds a significant dimension to understanding the way many are relating to covid in general.


His claims regarding safetyism reminds me about a brief conversation I had with Rav Noach Weinberg. He told me a Jew should not use seat belts or get vaccinated because by showing a lack of bitachon. It will bring about that which he fears.

 I see many frum people who feel like Rosenbaum that the danger of Covid are exaggerated in order to give government and the medical establishment  authoritarian powers and thus the proposed methods are ignored or openly transgressed as well as ridiculed.

While Rosenbaum apparently got three vaccine doses and is not an anti-vaxxer. His arguments are largely those found among Republicans and right wing media and anti-vaxxers.



Contrary to Rosenbaum's screed The fourth shot has been shown beneficial.

from cdc

from the Israel Health Ministry

Fourth Vaccine Dose

According to studies, the Omicron variant, which led to the current infection wave, causes reduced immune protection among vaccinated individuals as well, compared to other variants.
In light of the extensive infection rate and the enormity of infection cases, hospitalization cases and severe illness cases, it was decided to allow the fourth vaccination of anyone aged 18 and older who has pre-existing conditions and risk factors for severe COVID-19 illness, for their caregivers and for anyone else at high risk for exposure to a confirmed COVID-19 patient in their line of work.
Studies show that those vaccinated with the fourth vaccine are twice as protected against infection than those vaccinated with three doses, and 3 to 5 times better protected from severe illness compared to those vaccinated with three doses.

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  1. Problem is that for every study that shows the 4th shot makes a difference, there's another that shows it doesn't against Omicron.
    Rosenblum lives in a Chareidi silo. When this started, he wrote in one of his columns that lockdowns aren't so bad. Why, this was his big chance to catch up on his reading! His completely lack of awareness of the suffering of the hundreds of thousands who work for a living and were suddenly unemployed was stunning.


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