Thursday, April 23, 2020

What the author of 'The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History' can teach us about coronavirus

No. 1, authorities need to tell the truth, even when it's uncomfortable -- especially when it's uncomfortable. This is important for two reasons. First, it lessens fear. People are always more afraid of the unknown. When people don't think they're getting a straight message they feel uncertain. In a horror movie, it's always scariest before the monster appears. Once the fear becomes concrete we can deal with it. We can deal with reality. Second, if you want people to comply with your recommendations -- and compliance is crucial to success -- they have to believe you and trust you. If they doubt you they will ignore you. In Singapore, the Prime Minister told blunt truths at the beginning, ended panic buying and, more importantly, it's one reason Singapore has gotten way ahead of the virus.


  1. There most disappointing and frustrating thing about this pandemic has been the inability of national leaders to rise about politics and work towards a common good.
    The Chinese hid evidence of the outbreak and allowed it to spread to the rest of the world even as they struggled to quarantine it at home. Instead of warning us they decided "Hey, instead of taking a hit, let's make sure the world suffers even more. It'll help us in the end." They continue to lie about the numbers and use the lack of proper international press presence to increase their repression of Hong Kong.
    The Russians, for several weeks, classified CoVID lung infections as pneumonia and did not report test results in order to keep their official numbers down, which allowed more spread and ineffective treatment of the disease.
    The Iranians continue to spend their money and efforts on weapons development to harass Israel instead of helping their own populations.
    Here in Canada, when word finally leaked out of China, we were told by our leaders and public health officials that any talk of a travel ban would be racist. Then our dear leader sent all our PPE to China even though China had spent months sabotaging our economy in a tiff over a Hauwei exercutive. Because it was more important to be "woke" than deal with reality.
    Meanwhile Israel couldn't form a government at the very moment it needed to and kept on a corrupt health minister who thought having a Purim seudah was more important that protecting people from the virus.
    And Trump? Well, I'll let you handle him.
    The response to the pandemic has been awful all around and a terrible indictment of much of humanity.

    Whats some great ways to prevent COVID


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  4. that is good, this should be valid every year. The Yemenites who follow Rambam do not mourn at all during this period.


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