Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Join - Jews come together to recite Psalms in memory of Israel's fallen


In the framework of the project, participants can choose among the 24,000 soldiers who lost their life for Israel, learn about who they were and recite Psalms for them.


 Thousands of haredi (ultra-Orthodox) Israelis are marking Yom Hazikaron (Remembrance Day) by lighting a virtual candle and reciting Psalms to honor the memory of fallen soldiers.

The project “One People – Loving and Remembering” features a special website where participants can sign up to read chapters of Psalms with the goal of completing the full book 24,000 times, as many as those who lost their lives fighting for Israel. In order to complete the task, everyone is invited to join (in order to join click here.)

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  1. One cannot overstate what a huge kiddush HaShem this is. The minute of silence is a borrowed, gentile custom. Here Jews can joint other Jews in their morning without compromise.


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