Thursday, April 23, 2020

Fact check: Trump makes false claims about governors not wanting tests, and repeats errors about Pelosi and Michelle Obama

 President Donald Trump made yet another false claim about coronavirus testing on Wednesday, wrongly saying at a White House briefing that the US is conducting more tests than any governor probably even wants. In fact, numerous governors, including Republicans, have said that more testing is necessary.
Trump also continued to embellish about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's February 24 visit to San Francisco's Chinatown, inaccurately saying that she had held a Chinatown "rally." He continued to insist that his travel restrictions on China were a "ban," though they contained significant exemptions. And he threw in an old false claim about Michelle Obama for good measure.


  1. I've been told to stop with my sorry defenses of the Commander-in-Chief.

    So I won't offer up any defense. But I will point out that we should keep in mind that Donald Trump's victory in the first political campaign he ever participated in was unexpected by many experts, among them pundits, mainstream media stars, academics, and established pollsters with solid track records.

    One thing we all learned from that election is that the models were off. Life is inherently unpredictable. If you hold a coin in your hand, you know its value today. But flip that coin in the air, and the most sophisticated laser tracking equipment, cameras, and computer programs will struggle to figure out if it will land heads or tails.

    So, keep on bashing the man behind the podium. But the next election, with far more factors than a coin flip, will likely play out in ways we can't even imagine.


  2. “Fact check: Trump makes false claims” No. Allow me here beautiful pro-Trump post today:
    “There’s no doubt that among folks attending Yom Hashoah events and services are some rabbis and congregants who’ve repeatedly, as just one example, attacked an admittedly imperfect President Trump for such things as his recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving America’s embassy there; de-funding Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah/PLO/Palestinian Authority as long as it continues to reward murderers of Jews in the “pay to slay” program; closing the latter’s Washington office; de-funding anti-Israel United Nations hate organizations such as UNRWA; and supporting Israel’s claim to what UNSC Resolution 242 called for at the end of the 1967 Six Day War–its right to a fair territorial compromise in the disputed territories, giving it more secure, defensible, and real borders rather than forcing it to return to the suicidal armistice lines of 1949, which made it a forever vulnerable, 9-15 mile-wide, compacted sardine can of a state. That’s what the settlement and partial annexation issues are mostly all about–and what President Trump’s “Deal of the Century” also addresses, and the arguments between Netanyahu and many of those who oppose him in Israel itself include. Dear readers, does the American President really deserve the hatred he gets from most American Jews for the above–despite his imperfections, some which are indeed troublesome? Show me the leader who comes without them…More disturbing, I also have no doubt that at least some J-Street, Jewish Voice for Peace, and other Hebrew Arabs’ Useful Idiots attend these Holocaust memorials. They’re best buddies with such organizations as Students for Justice in Palestine, the Muslim Students Organization, Arab Student Union, other Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas front groups, and overt or covert antisemitic Left of Lenin organizations. While I want Israel to strive, as much as possible (without grossly endangering itself), to be a “light unto the nations” as the Bible expects, and not emulate the intolerant mess which surrounds it, such “Progressive” folks as those above hold the Jew of the Nations up to impossible expectations and double standards that are not demanded of anyone else. They join the United Nations, like-minded professors on campus (often products of their own Hebrew temples), and numerous others who routinely use one set of lenses to scrutinize, dissect, and judge Israel, and a completely different set to study the rest of the nasty, repressive, oppressive neighborhood in which it lives. The chief rabbinical honcho of America’s largest Jewish denomination has been among those who have led the attack on President Trump…I’ve sat at the same tables over the years at events hearing or participating in discussions of too many of these same Jews attending Yom Hashoah commemorations. Even before the days of Trump, they didn’t think twice about voting for people in high office who had no problem with grossly endangering the sole, minuscule, resurrected risen Phoenix of the Jewish nation. They’d vote for Obama, Hillary, or a clone repeatedly if possible. Read about Trump’s new presidential opponent, Joe Biden, here:”
    Israel has the problem of Bibi-haters. See
    “Nevertheless, a majority still hopes for the next government, however bloated, to be up and running and ready to heal the ailing economy before it dies of COVID-19. Though a gargantuan task – especially for a coalition that contains an array of capitalists, socialists and fiscal fantasists – it is a mission that enjoys national consensus. Except, of course, among the “anybody but Bibi” extremists.”
    Did you people see me?



  5. They may be


  7. This has already been observed in UK. However, it's not clear if they have adopted a new approach, ie to just give oxygen, across the country. Doctors think they know it all, even though they don't know enough about this disease.

  8. Trump is saying that in vitro (outside the body) detergent is the achilles heel of the virus. In simple terms, he wants a similar achilles heel to be found in vivo (inside the body).


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