Monday, April 27, 2020

Ingraham: The truth about hydroxychloroquine

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  1. LOL suddenly Laura realizes the limitations of non RCT's? That applies equally if not moreso to Raoult's bad "studies."

    A retrospective study is what it is. Calling it "flimsy" is absurd. If there was a huge benefit to HCQ+Zpak, it would show up in a retrospective study as all the patients getting that would be magically cured like Raoult promised. But that's not what happened. So that is instructive. There is no massive benefit.

    Now they are left with "Early after infection" and "no severe patients" and "not the old people" Ok - I guess the patient pool is getting slimmer and slimmer
    But young people already survive on their own 99.8% of the time, without medication. So how would you know benefit is from HCQ unless you run a placebo controlled trial to prove it? That's exactly what the HCQ critics have been calling for all along. A proper placebo controlled RCT.


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