Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Coronavirus in NY: Yeshivas moving underground to avoid lockdown rules

Brooklyn yeshivas are operating in the shadows to avoid coronavirus lockdown restrictions, according to a report.
The Orthodox Jewish schools are continuing to hold classes in private apartments and in locked buildings throughout Williamsburg, a source told The Forward.
A parent told the publication that their child was attending classes despite Mayor Bill de Blasio’s prohibition on gatherings that violate social distancing orders.
The source said his son attended school in a closed synagogue after a staffer’s relative unlocked a door and let him in.
The Forward also reported seeing screenshots of private messages between parents that revealed the illicit arrangements.


  1. Its only a small study group and they wearing masks.
    no diffrent then going to post office of supermarket

  2. But then we'll get all the usual complaints: How dare you stigmatize and attack Chareidim!

  3. It is quite different than the supermarket if they sit closely to one another and if they stay in the same building for extended periods of time. People are not supposed to linger for hours in the supermarket. That would be very unwise.
    If they feel entitled to make an underground yeshiva, why wouldn't they also feel entitled not to wear masks and not to physically distance in other ways?
    The whole concept is ridiculous. Torah can be learned even while a yeshiva is closed.


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