Friday, February 17, 2017

Yisro; A Friend & The Mizbeach Have Something In Common by Rabbi Shlomo Pollak

The last Pasuk in Parshas Yisro instructs us לא תעלה במעלות על מזבחי - do not use steps to on the Mizbeach... Rashi explains that this is where we learn to construct a ramp (כבש) leading up to the top of the Mizbeach. The reason for this prohibition, Rashi explains from the "Mechilta" is, that the Torah does not want us to make large steps, as that would be disrespectful to the Mizbeach...
Is this commandment exclusive to the Mizbeach, and includes nothing else? Or is this actually inclusive, and we are expected to extrapolate from this Halacha, to other people??  

Rashi teaches us (with a קל וחומר) that our friends are included, and yet we know that there were steps leading up to the Menorah?? So which is it??...

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Message To Jared Kushner From This Week's Medrash

Rashi quotes this Mechiltah at the end of this week's Parshah. However, Rashi doesn't bring down the words about bringing peace between two nations and two governments... which can be referring to Israel and America!!

Let's hope Jared, Netanyahu, and Mr. Freedman are Matzliach in restoring the bond between the American Government and the Israeli Government!!

Good Shabbos. 

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