Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Scores of headstones vandalized at St. Louis Jewish cemetery. Jewish centers threatened across country.- Don't worry! Trump has reassured us saying he had the biggest electoral win since Reagan

The gravesites of more than 170 Jews were vandalized at a cemetery in University City, Mo., sometime over the weekend.

A groundskeeper arrived Sunday morning to find gravestones overturned across a wide section of the cemetery, the oldest section as it happens, bearing the remains of Jews who died between the late 1800s and the mid-20th century, Anita Feigenbaum, director of the Chesed Shel Emeth Society, told The Washington Post in a phone interview.

She called it a “horrific act of cowardice,” beyond anything the cemetery had experienced in the past.

University City, a section of St. Louis, is named for its proximity to Washington University.

The cemetery was founded by the Russian Jewish community in St. Louis “to aid all Jews who needed burial whether they had the money or not. To this day that’s what we do. We are not for profit. We help in this horrible time in a person’s life.”

Feigenbaum had not completed counting the number of damaged stones Monday evening but during the day said she had found more than 170. The cemetery holds the remains of more than 20,000, she estimated.

She said she was getting an “outpouring of support from across the United States” with people volunteering to help with repairs and was deeply appreciative. University City police said they were investigating.

On Monday, the Anti-Defamation League reported a wave of bomb threats directed against Jewish Community Centers in multiple states, the fourth series of such threats since the beginning of the year, it said.

“While ADL does not have any information at this time to indicate the presence of any actual bombs at the institutions threatened, the threats themselves are alarming, disruptive and must always be taken seriously.”

Responding to an inquiry from NBC News about the threats, the White House issued a statement saying “Hatred and hate-motivated violence of any kind have no place in a country founded on the promise of individual freedom. The President has made it abundantly clear that these actions are unacceptable.”[...]

The exchanges were noteworthy in part because of President Trump’s unusual response at a news conference Friday to a question about the rise in anti-Semitic incidents around the country. Rather than condemning them, Trump responded by talking about his electoral college victory, describing the question as unfair.


  1. And what if it turns out the vandals were the "Not my President" type of hoodlum?
    President Trump already has the backing of Law Enforcement professionals because unlike his predecessor, he intends to let them do their jobs without fear they will be investigated by the Justice Department for "discrimination"! In this way he is already fighting not just antisemitism but ALL crime in general. You want to fault him for that?

  2. And this is your rationale why Trump can't utter a word against anti-Semitism?! After all if he says that the Holocaust was concerned with all men - that means of course that they are included - no need to mention them. Similarly no need to mention anti-Semitism because when he says the police should protect everyone - of course he has in mind that it includes the Jews?! He is of course a man "sparing" of words and we don't want him to strain his vocabulary or verbal output by having to mention anything about anti-Semitism. And besides isn't it enough to repeats the lie that he got the largest electoral margin since Regan! How dare anybody raise questions about anti-Semism when he mentions that awesome and sacred lie!

  3. And if he said it he would be accused of insincerity or pandering..You would fault him either way. In fact, if he did speak up against antisemitism the anti-Trumpers would then be anti-antisemtism to spite him.

  4. Uhmmm, you know those countries that he is shutting down immigration from? Jews are not exactly welcome in those places, and certainly not safe there. Implicitly, he is protecting Jews. It is almost a given that Muslim visitors and refugees are anti-Semitic.

    I will repeat a story I may have once before told on this blog. A Muslim was working here in DC for the embassy of a Muslim country. There was a regime change in that country. The man was out of a job, and facing execution back home. Desperate not to be deported, he even reached out to the Rabbi of the Shul here. The Rabbi found him a lawyer. The Rabbi told the lawyer, "Tell the man you are only helping him for free because that is how a Jew acts." The lawyer saved the man's life. The man wrote to the Rabbi that he had been brought up to hate Jews, and now realized that he had been severely mislead.

    The point is, that the man, and many others in Muslim countries, are taught to hate Jews.

  5. False! Are you claiming he is afraid to say anything about anti-Semitism because he is afraid I will attack him?! What total nonsense! There is absolutely no justification for his failure to reply to direct questions about anti-Semitism.

  6. And your really believe this megila justifies not saying anything about anti-Semitisim?! He fulfilled his obligation because he is opposed to Muslims coming from 7 countries?! I guess FDR could have said that since he was arming England he didn't have to get involved in directly fighting the Nazis? The point is that your explanations are only valid to you when talking about Trump but they do not apply to any other human being. WHY?

  7. What if it turns out it's a Muslim overstaying his visa?

  8. Then surely Trump should be condemning anti-Semitism. And if it is not a Muslim from one of the 7 countries - anti-Semitic acts should still be condemned!

    Why is Trump refusing to say something? He is deliberately avoiding the subject - not that he doesn't have time because of his busy golf schedule - but he is avoiding the issue.

  9. I don't recall anyone asking Trump's predecessor what he was going to
    do about antisemitism when incidents doubled dramatically on college
    campuses in 2015.

    Trump couldn't care less what you say. He doesn't want to discuss it. The National Review feels he could have answered better. Maybe they're right.
    Whether he is right or wrong about saying he will do anything about antisemitism is irrelevant as long as something is accomplished and the best way to do
    that is to empower law enforcement to be able to enforce existing laws
    against vandalism and assaults.

  10. It really dos not matter who is commiting the acts of antisemitism. What matters is that they are happening and we want to hear some words of reassurance on how Trump plans to deal with it. There is really no need for him to be defensive!

    BTW: Defensiveness is usually a display of feelings of guilt. Is there any reason why he should feel guilty?

  11. Try google, buddy. It works pretty well.

  12. I'm not presenting it as an excuse. I'm presenting it as the double-standard you apply.

  13. no double standard. I also didn't talk about Clinton or Nixon or Kennedy. There is no requirement to throw in the kitchen sink regarding an elementary observation that the president not only failed to comment but bizarrely dodged the issue on two consecutive occasions.

  14. Let's first notice an interesting coincidence. Those people who dislike Trump always seems to see those arguments which discredit him as being the more logical and correct arguments, and vice versa. Either side would be quite capable of making the opposite argument, if their underlying feeling about Trump would warrant that. So to be perfect honest, it would be correct for everyone to put aside these arguments, and deal with the underlying likes and dislikes.

  15. Obama's troops probably knocked them down in the first place.

  16. No it was obviously one of the survivors of the Bolling Green Massacre or maybe the perpetrator.

  17. I'm not sure I ever demanded that any non-Jew should condemn anti-Semitism. I tend to find these kind of perfunctory condemnations tiresome. Like politicians who are "pro-Israel" but fund UNWRA.

  18. Now its acts like these that could "make America Great Again" after Trump.
    "US Muslim community campaigns to repair Jewish cemetery"

  19. There are Jewish cemeteries vandalized all the time. Usually youth gangs or the type. Or neo nazis (which one can say are youth gang-ish.)

    Hardly trump supporters.

    And they usually have video cameras now. Not all over, but in "strategic" spots. Why aren't they releasing (or denying) videitapes.?


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