Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Swiss working on electronic pedophile detector

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Researchers at the University-Psychiatric Clinics Basel test a Pedophiles detector of convicted offenders and normal men. The objective is the detection of Child molesters Basel The windowless room in the basement of the Research Institute seems cool, but the walls are black, the lights glaring, are everywhere Equipment and computers. The researchers are working quietly and expertly. They wire the head and two fingers of Roland F. He is in Family an extraordinary experiment. At the end of the preparation put it on his 3-D glasses. Now you're set. Three Hours Experienced F. images on a screen. He sees scenes Children, women, men. Some naked. Measure the apparatus constantly, making him stimulated.

What sounds from a psychological thriller after a scene played out at the moment at the Wilhelm-Klein-Strasse in Basel from. At-University Psychiatric Clinic (UPK) experiment scientists a brain test to deviant sexual impulses of offenders to measure. Specifically, the researchers are hoping to identify pedophiles. If successful, this would be a turning point in the Court of Psychiatry, especially in the assessment of dangerous sex offenders.  Researchers in this area include the world's few pioneers.

The laboratory equipment in the hospital basement draw reactions in the brain of Subjects on. Sensors measure on the fingers when the Skin conductance increases. This happens when a subject is energized. Marc Graf, director of forensic psychiatric clinic in Basel Head of the research project. The Federal Office of Justice funded the two-year trial with half a million francs, the Northwest Swiss Ethics Committee has approved the experiment.

Parallel to the Baslern also prepare Zurich researchers such Brain tests before. Also they want to elicit pedophiles. There forwards Andreas Mokros of the Psychiatric University Hospital of the project. Also tested consumers of child pornography Machines, to recognize pedophiles - why? The engine for this Research was an unease about today's methods Assess dangerousness of offenders, both researchers say. Mokros explains: "It is difficult to ask pedophilic tendencies or measure if the subject is not willing to provide information. "

His colleague Basel Graf adds: "If we are an intelligent person during a course of therapy assured that he had no Children fantasies more, we do not know if that's true. "This support you look very heavily on the testimony of the offender and indirect Conclusions from observations of behavior in the therapeutic daily from. Penal experts know that there are offenders who in years Therapies learn to adjust to their therapists. The falsified reports and is dangerous. "The test we now develop, we hope that the objectivity of a finding significantly to improve. "

So far Graf's team tested 43 men in Basel, 20 convicted offenders and 23 normal citizens. The subjects are divided into three groups: In the first are offenders who consumed the Internet child pornography have. In the second, those convicted of child abuse are. 23 normal men form the third group. [...]

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