Sunday, April 12, 2015

Question: What should be the reaction to a Chumash produced by someone who beat a husband to give a Get?

Guest Post. I received the following letter and thought it raises an important issue. I got permission from the writer to publish it.

Hi. I'm not sure if this is of interest to you. I noticed several samplings of a new Chumash in my Shul over Yom Tov. Please see the pictures. I'm assuming that it was put out in in most Shuls as a promotion for the upcoming Chumash. (This needs to be verified). 
The only part that concerns me is that David Wax is making it clear to the world that he is behind this Chumash. This is right after he testified in federal court that he beat Bryskman and even lost it on Bryskman when Bryskman bled on his carpet, due to his beating. Interestingly, the haskama calls him from the "chashuvei vaykirei".... 
It's OK for Mr. Wax to notify the world about his son's Bar Mitzvah. 
It's OK to promote this new Chumash, without Wax pushing himself as the driving force. But for a person who never provided a halachik justification for his brutal beating, conniving and attempt to extort money, to call out to the world that he's publishing this Chumash seems wrong.

I'm also curious to know if Rabbi Belsky is still the editor of the Taryag Mitzvah project (which did not really make it) - and this Chumash as well.


  1. LOL

    Check out Paragraph 3: "Al Ydei Tzvos Mossur V'Neeman, U'B'Msirus . . . "
    And Paragraph 4 "Asher Hishlich Nafshoi M'Neged B'msirus"

    I think R' Shmuel Eliezer Stern must be a on a very high Madreigah - Shchina Mideberes Misoch Grono. In light of the mesirah which Waks is in the midst of perpetrating (testifying against Mendel Epstein - not that I don't think Mendel Epstein needs to be in jail - but Waks' motivation is not exactly l'shem shamayim...) his choice of words has got to be brilliant irony guided by the One Above...

  2. I don't think that he qualifies as a min, so I would say geniza.

  3. I don't know Dovid Wax and don't know anything about what this post talks about. But I will say this. My brother and I have been fighting forced Gittin for years, and we are very much alone. I attack on my blog on a regular basis the Philadelphia "rabbis" who push a woman to remarrry without a GET despite the fact that her husband wants to finish up with their Beth Din and give a GET. I am I believe the only one in America who openly protests this. I am positive I am the only one who openly writes that when she marries I will announce to the world that her children will be mamzerim.

    What is my point? I have been battling in this blog the major Rosh Yeshivas in America. The ROSH of Aguda and the senior Rosh Yeshiva in age in America and other very important Rosh Yeshivas, rabbis, etc., are heavily involved for years in making coecing Gittin and making invalid Gittin. In such a climate, Epstein is brought to court in Trenton and "rabbis" openly declare that it is a mitsvah to kidnap and torture husbands, to the court, to make a chiliul HaShem. These rabbis are not only ignorant in Even HOezer but even the basics of Choshen Mishpot,

    That is our generation. I have spoken to many prominent rabbis and I was shocked that they were so ignorant. So what is the Torah today? Feminism. Help the poor ladies. That is the Torah of the major Rosh Yeshivas and Agudah "Gedolim" rachmono litslon. What do you want from Dovid Wax? In such a climate, a person can take a human being who doesn't deserve a beating, beat him and make him bleed, and be sure that for every pain he makes he will have Gan Eden. That is the Twisted Torah today. So what you you want from Dovid whatever his name is?

  4. Mr. Wax is trying to rehabilitate his name after he unexpectedly was exposed as the person who violently beat a man into giving a Get Me'usa. He surely did not expect to get busted and charged with that crime. He thought, like all the previous beatings his mentor Mr. Mendel Epstein administered, this too would be swept under the carpet and like the many previous Epstein cases he would get away with it and avoid the public limelight.

  5. That all depends by what you mean 'Min'. If you mean Rasha min haTorah
    minayin - shene'emar "Rasha lama sakeh reacho", then he is both, a "RASHA and a
    MOSSER ved'al" just like Datan va'Aviram. If you mean 'MIN' like the Rasha of
    the Agaddah - RASHA ma hu omer, then by being Megaleh Ponim baTorah shelo
    keHalacha, he is a Kofar BeIkar, which makes him gam RASHA vegam MIN. Lefikach,
    whichever way you mean "MIN", he is a min Apikorus MIN haTORAH UMIN haAGADDAH
    gam yachdav. Therefore, no matter how you slice it, a min bemino afilu be'elef
    lo botul, asuro behana'ah vedino besreifo . Tse ulmad ma ossu reshaim halolu
    (Datan vaAviram), "veyomer Moshe Al yossar...velo shomu el Moshe,
    vayosuru...vayorum...vayivash, vayiktsof aleihem Moshe". Ilu hiku es Yisrael velo
    mossru al Moshe el Paroh, dayenu. Ilu mossru al Moshe al moshe el Paroh velo
    hosiru min haMAN, dayenu. Al achas kamah vekamah, ra'ah kfulo umchupeles,
    sheHiku es yisrael, veMossru al Moshe el Paroh, vehosiru min haMAN, Lefikach, ilu hayinu
    sham, hikhinu es shinav, vegam lo haya nigol! So there you have it, a qualified "MIN" having 5 stars and flying colors, RASHA, MOSSER, and the meanest MIN. Moshol
    hakadmoni, mirshaim yetse resha, kol hayotse min haT... Ta... veneemar, Im harav
    domeh lamalach H' Tsvokos....yevakshu Torah mipihu, veim lav prosh haymeno. Geniza will not do. veidach zil ugmor. This is not for the faint of heart.


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