Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Epstein Torture for Get case: FBI request for search warrant concerning Rabbis Epstein, Wolmark, Ralbag Steinberg, and Belsky

See page 9-10 describing the Targets of this search warrant (September 2013)

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  1. "To date the investigation has identified more than twenty kidnappings"

    CC-1 is David Wax. This is obvious from the "YB" (Yisroel Briskman) case and the corresponding dates. It shows Wax was involved in multiple kidnappings and beatings of husbands in cahoots with Epsten, not just the Briskman case.

    This document also shows the names of numerous other cohorts of Epstein and Wolmark who did dirty work in many of Epstein's beatings but were never charged by the FBI.

    UBD is obviously referring to the Beth Din of America. The BDA issued the Seruv for the FBI "aguna" against her non-existent husband.

    As you can read from Mendel Epstein's emails to the UnverCoverEmployee (UCE) of the FBI, Mendel is telling him when to come to his kangaroo beis din so that the "beis din" could issue a decision. Epstein already knew the beis din would make the decision against the "husband" before the case even started.


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