Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rabbi Dovid E. Eidensohn/Shalom Bayis Beth Din of Jewish Outreach Congregation

The General Idea of Shalom Bayis Beth Din

Shalom Bayis Beth Din is a program of education, guidance and Beth Din. Education means that preferably prior to marriage and even afterwards, Shalom Bayis Beth Din will teach people how to maintain a good marriage and avoid mistakes that destroy marriage.

Guidance means that when people are bogged down in disputes Shalom Bayis Beth Din will guide them on the proper path to find peace in their homes.

Beth Din means that when a couple accepts Shalom Bayis Beth Din as an authority on their marriage, Shalom Bayis Beth Din can demand that the family follows the right path in marriage and family. If the couple agrees, Shalom Bayis Beth Din can make demands about how the couple must behave, and Shalom Bayis Beth Din can fine those who violate their commands. Eventually, if a person violates regularly and is fined regularly, the fines will probably force an end to the process, which means that the violator will have to seek a divorce. This will lessen the process of making Agunose of broken families.

Gedolei HaDor have explained that there is no problem with coercing a GET because Shalom Bayis Beth Din never talks about a GET. It fines to force the marriage to survive. This is not a forced GET.

Learning Even Hoezer Rambam, Tur and Shulchan Aruch

Our project of learning Even Hoezer begins with Rambam Noshim, then Tur Even Hoezer, then Shulchan Aruch Even Hoezer. Learn through without getting distracted until you are grounded well in the basic laws. The more you learn the more you will be aware of the various commentaries on the basic texts of Rambam, Tur and Shulchan Aruch. Next comes the deeper level of looking into the sources for these basic halochose in gemoras, rishonim and acharonim, each according to his ability and schedule. For those who are fully committed to become a master of these halochose and who will try for semicha, they will have a full schedule. This Wednesday August 15 9:30 PM we begin a shiur for advanced study of the texts. We begin with the first words of the Shulchan Aruch Even Hoezer about the importance of marrying and having children. We will also delve into the Torah understanding of gender and the roles of men and women. We have extensive Kabbalistic material in this regard. I also have a book on the subject sold at Amazon Secret of the Scale. All are invited to this telephone class but it is a high level of learning. To join the program dial first 605-562-3130 and then code 822322#.

Jewish Outreach Congregation accepts funds for this project. We have various blogspots and a website:, our main project;, videos;, website with audio cassettes and regular text. Our book on gender is Secret of the Scale available at Amazon. We now need to establish more media and public programs to offset the enormous problem of invalid Gittin caused by forced divorces, such as in New York State where judges can jail a husband and take away custody for not giving a GET. Such a GET is invalid and the children born from it could be mamzerim. We have a lot of work to do, and need funding.

Please go to our main blogspot at and click on the paypal button that will allow you to contribute to our Jewish Outreach Congregation and support this work

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                                              Dovid Eidensohn


  1. Thank you Rabbi David Eidensohn for your efforts to save Jewish families. An organized program in the Orthodox communities to promote preservation of Jewish marriages is long overdue. Such programs are necessary antidotes to the widespread embrace in the Orthodox communities of a corrupt, anti-Torah, feminist divorce on demand culture.

    In the feminist Jewish media such as the Jewish Press, this divorce on demand culture continually masquerades as a "save the agunot" movement, when in reality it is a destroy the Jewish family and discard Jewish fathers movement.

  2. TruthSeekerJew,
    If you seek truth, in our present community, good luck. This is not such a problem. But when we realize that many women remarry with an invalid GET, such as those who force Gittin in New York State, a law that was passed by Orthodox rabbis, with no real opposition, what else can we say? When I saw that "rabbis" openly tell the Trenton court that the kidnappers and torturers did this by the command of the Torah, I countered with a program of learning Even Hoezer. At least some people will stay away from marrying mamzerim. The rest of them,,,


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