Monday, April 6, 2015

Rav Dovid Eidensohn: Shalom Bayis Beis Din - Chol HaMoed Shiurim

Rabbi Dovid Eidensohn will give free conference call shiurim three times Chol HaMoed at 2 PM, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday bli neder. The topic will be how to deal with difficulties in marriage and how to avoid them. Difficulties are always available but unfortunately what people often do to solve their problems make bigger problems. To join the class by telephone dial 605-562-3130 and then enter the code 411161# . The class will be recorded and some of it will be muted but some of it will be open to questions and comments.

The programs discussed in these classes will be the basic ideas of Shalom Bayis Beth Din. We mention also that our program of everyone learning Even Hoezer, beginning with Rambam Noshim and then the Tur on marriage and family and then the Shulchan Aruch began with a few people who are very interested in this. First read through the Rambam Noshim, then the Tur on Even Hoezer, then the Shulchan Aruch Even Hoezer.

If you learn the Rambam it is easy to learn the Tur and if you learn the Tur and the Rambam it is easy to learn the Shulchan Aruch. From that one can go into the gemoras and the poskim and get Semicha on Even Hoezer. It is our hope that those who study Rambam, etc., will be candidates for our Shalom Bayis Beth Dins. But everyone who skims the Rambam, Tur and Shulchan Aruch even without going further has a basic knowledge of the laws of marriage and family which is our main goal.


  1. I thank my brother for putting this on his website. I noticed that several people have called the above conference number and expected to speak to somebody. Those numbers only work when the host begins the program, which is only at two pm in the afternoon Mon Tue and Wed of chol hamoed.

    We are, however, planning various other shiurim by telephone, and hope to supply text teachings on our blog and audio copies of the conference calls on my website at

    If anyone wants a shiur in something they can call me at 845-578-1917 or write to me at and perhaps we can accommodate them. If anyone wants to participate in learning Even Hoezer, first Rambam Noshim and Gittin etc then Tur Even Hoezer then Shulchan Aruch Even Hoezer, they can call me as well or write to me email. We can also discuss Shalom Bayis Beth Din and how to achieve the right to be on it or even to get a semicha from various rabbonim for all of Even Hoezer.

  2. Will the recordings be made available?


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