Monday, April 20, 2015

KosherSwitch - nothing new to report - old issues are still the problem

I was recently asked to write a post about KosherSwitch. This  is a topic I raised 4 years ago - and nothing has changed except that they are now actually selling them. Good review articles have been written by Rabbi Yair Hoffman and   Rabbi Gil Student   

The previous posts that I have presented dealing with false claims of approval can be accessed through these links


  1. It seems the inventor is hoping people forgot about the negative halachic feedback from four years ago. He has initiated a marketing campaign full of sexual innuendo with the apparent belief that "sex sells".

  2. You know, it's interesting that concerning a קטן, it is stated by the מחבר in אורח חיים סימן שמ"ג ס"ק א:

    וכן אסור להרגילו בחילול שבת ומועד

    On this, the רמ"א wrote:

    י"א דכל זה בקטן דלא הגיע לחינוך אבל הגיע לחינוך צריכים להפרישו

    In the video of the woman trying to get her little son to turn off the lights on שבת, the child refuses by stating, "No, no! It's שבת!" Unquestionably, this child must be in the category of הגיע לחינוך (he knows more than his mother).

    The fact that the KosherSwitch people are incapable of realizing that הגיע לחינוך צריכים להפרישו, speaks volumes about their knowledge of הלכה in general, not to mention any נאמנות they might have. Rather than trying to solve this from אורח חיים, it would be more beneficial to look through חשן משפט, wherein are the איסורים of purposely misleading others.


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