Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mendel Epstein Torture for Get trial - Judge Wolfson's final jury instructions


  1. Ayin roeh, oznayim lakosel, vechol maasecho basefer nichtovim. Hineh bo yom hadin. Dina demalchusse rules, conspiracy is there tying in all the defendants beyond a reasonable doubt in the kidnappings and all the rest. Absence of the prod is no proof that it wasn't used in any of the other non-virtual kidnappings, indeed, it is not even necessary to introduce each and every evidence of weapons used to the success of the conspiracy. The criminals are real, their names are real, except for the Get which is Meusse, nothing has been changed, not even as to remaining an Eishes Ish even to date. All the ingredients and proof are in the pudding to convict all the players and members of the Goon Squad, asher yeshno po imanu hayom v'asher enenu imanu po hayom. Who says there is no Justice after all, you can run but cannot hide, the Law catches up with you in due time and whip as_, even after decades. All these eishes potifar Agunos will go kilumas shebou, kaasher yafuach hayom venassu hatslallim. ORA and co-horts will go the same way, no more Sofer Umonin shel Yisroel inflicting harassments al Bnei Yisrael. As a good piece of advice, not everything that shines as gold is truly gold, not even the eggs of the Golden Goose. Make sure you take along Matzos for a lifetime with some salted 'kassa deharssene' for sustenance if you are still able to eat. The people have spoken, and let the chips fall where they may. Lock 'em up and throw away the key. vechol Yisrael yishmeun veyerou, velo yezidun od.

    A few questions if I may. What was the context and lyrics of all the songs of all the birds that sang Shiro Chadosho in the courtroom. Are we not privileged to know? Isn't it protocol to know for "We The People" mi vomi haholchim. Is it considered Messira, or Heter derabenu chayay - Chayecho Kodmin?

    As for the lebedige so called Agunos, Let it be known BiYehuda and Yisrael, not to hire helping hands Anshei Bliyaal uBnei Avlo criminal Goon Squads good guys or not asher lo yodu avoisechem veovos avoseichem meolam, to hit, hurt, or harm Yiddishe Kinder the Fathers of your own children. It is all only for the money, and Megaleh ponim baTorah shelo keHalacha. "Lama yiktsof H' Elokecha vaChavoil maaseh yodecho, ze habonim. Tomorrow when you find out sheTeitse mize umize, it ain't going to be pretty at all.

  2. Lakewood rabbi's fate in hands of jury

    TRENTON – A jury has begun deliberating the fates of three rabbis, including Rabbi Mendel Epstein of Lakewood, and another man charged for their roles in a series of coerced religious divorces.

    Jurors left the courtroom shortly after 2:30 p.m. and was released for the day by 4:30 p.m.

    As a group, they have spent the past two months immersed in the obscure details and shadowy underside of how divorces are handled within the insular Orthodox Jewish communities in Brooklyn and Lakewood.


    Jurors in kidnapping conspiracy trial of Lakewood rabbi begin deliberations

    TRENTON — Jurors began deliberating Wednesday afternoon in the trial of a Lakewood rabbi and three others accused of kidnapping Orthodox Jewish men and forcing them to grant their wives religious divorces.

    After hearing one last summation from one of the four defense attorneys and rebuttal from the prosecution,the jury of six men and six women who sat through eight weeks of testimony in the federal kidnapping conspiracy trial of Rabbi Mendel Epstein began discussions shortly before 3 p.m.


  3. “If his offering is a
    burnt offering from the herd, he shall make his offering a male without
    blemish. He shall bring it to the entrance of the Tent of Meeting, for
    acceptance in his behalf before the Lord, he shall offer it” (Leviticus 1:3)


    One who forces a sale is a Chamsan. There is no Mitzva in the sale, and the
    buyer has an additional aveira of Lo Sachmod. If some people decide on
    somebody to divorce, it is theft of something that he legitimately bought,"Ki
    yikach ish isha" in an attempt of undoing a sale. Yes and true, the Chachamim
    have a Koach to undo such because of Hefker beis Din Hefker, however, they also
    must have a legitimate reason to do so and not just because it might be
    beneficial for someone else or for their own pockets or just because they so
    want or for all of the above. Even by forcing a Korban, there must be a
    legitimate cause to begin with such as, he HAS a chiyuv korban, then and only
    then, his consent kicks in as in "Mitzva lishmoa divrei chachamim". Not so, when forcing a Get where there is NO chiyuv
    Get, NO good reason to force, No legitimate Beis Din, No compliance to Hilchos
    Beis Din to have the NITVA appear live in front of them, as well as all the
    rest or host of reasons and details that are in pure violation of Torah,
    Halacha, and Das Moshe veYisrael. That can never be "LIRTZONO" even if you beat
    the so called horse to death. Even a ham sandwich has legitimate rights not to
    be eaten or beaten in absentia or against it's will. Firstly, these Goons are
    evil people coined in Talmud as "Chachomim leHEIRA", Megaleh Ponim baTorah shelo
    keHALACHA, considered a Beis Din Chotzif of a Zaken Mamrei, where their intent
    for all practical purposes is for NOTHING ELSE, but MONEY!!! Without MONEY, no
    need to apply as has been uncovered and proven by this successful OPERATION
    STING. $hochad up front ranging anywhere from 60K - 100K a pop, didn't add much
    to the "illegitimacy" of this whole saga, neither did the pathetic nonexistent
    HUSBAND that did NOT appear in front of the so called kangaroo beis din. How can such a money maker scheme ever tofes a Get sheNechtav veNechtam LISHMA? It is
    totally corrupted from the moment of conception. Just because for the asking,
    the husband has absolutely NO chiyuv Get! Forcing Brutally on someone an unconsented sale that has no just cause and place and can NEVER take effect for
    even one moment, especially under threat of LIFE. Therefore, she has NEVER EVER
    been makneh herself to undo the Kinyan of Kessef min haTorah UKEDAS Moshe
    veYisroel. Same applies for all the fake Gittin they ever executed since the
    dawn of times together with all else that entailed, im kein harei hein beteilin
    umvutolin keafro dearo, velo yehe cholin kloll uchloll. Their attempted defense
    in using Religion as a "Holy" umbrella and cloaking a religious Hat made out of
    sheeps skin is futile and nothing but Criminal, as outside of Das Moshe
    veYisrael. Ta'anosecho Ta'anas Hevel havolim she'ein bo mamash, udmei achinu tzoakin
    elenu min ha'adamah. All we have left to deal with now, is Dina deMalchusse Dina to eat what they cooked up for themselves. Sovech mohul bamayim, kaspech hoyo
    lesigim, kulam rodfei $halmonim, umi bikesh zos miyedcham remos chatzeroy! Yechi
    haOPERATION! Yechi haSTING! Long live the OPERATION, and long live the STING!
    The LAW of the LAND RULES! All they have left is a big stink. Wow! And have we
    mentioned CHILULL HASHEM? SHOMU SHOMAYIM! Givaldt, GIvaldt. When will this

  5. Yes, of course, forcing a sale
    when it’s robbery, surely is a big sin.
    Rav Huna teaches us that even with sales under robbery, the robber gets title. Sacrifices under duress, the person is surely
    a sinner to object to the rabbis ordering him. The law is that the sacrifice
    should be acceptable to God. Hopefully God will grant him atonement. Divorces
    under duress, depends.

    I quote Kethuboth 77a:

    “Mishnah. A man in
    whom bodily defects have arisen cannot be compelled to divorce [his wife]. R. Simeon
    B. Gamaliel said: this applies only to minor defects, but in respect of major
    defects he can be compelled to divorce her. Gemara…These, R. Simeon b. Gamaliel
    explained, are major defects: If, for instance, his eye was blinded, his hand
    was cut off or his leg was broken… The halachah is in agreement with R. Simeon
    b. Gamaliel… Mishnah. The following are compelled to divorce [their wives]: a
    man who is afflicted with boils, or has a polypus, or gathers [objectionable
    matter] or is a coppersmith or a tanner, whether they were [in such conditions
    or positions] before they married or whether they arose after they had married.
    and concerning all these R. Meir said: although the man made a condition with
    her [that she acquiesces in his defects] she may nevertheless plead, I thought I
    could endure him, but now I cannot endure him. The sages, however, said: she
    must endure [any such person] despite her wishes, the only exception being a
    man afflicted with boils, because she [by her intercourse] will enervate him. It
    once happened at Zidon that there died a tanner who had a brother who was also
    a tanner. The sages ruled: she may say, I
    was able to endure your brother but I cannot endure you.”

  6. If I may, this needs some more clarification. When these Chamsanim came
    under disguise as if it is a Mitzva to divorce, outside of the Makot Retzach
    they gave him NOTHING in exchange for the selling of his G-d Given Rights being
    the sole owner to have and to hold, whereby, SHE gains her independence
    that Does have a monetary value. Since the Makot Retzach was
    inflicted absolutely with no consideration (pun intended, please forgive) it is
    not a traditional sale even of a Chamsan where the seller gets compensated for
    the exchange. here on the other hand, is a one sided deal, as Tofes lebaal Chov
    (false self declared alleged Aguna) bemakom shechov leacheirim (the Husband) and
    does not hold, even WITHOUT having to resort to invalidate for the reasons of a
    Get Meusse or False Mitzva. Rov rubo shel Poskim, rov Minyan verov Binyan hold
    that this is not a case of being a mitzva, indeed every inch is Chazir treifo
    uneveilo vesaruach meikro. The BURDEN of proof is on Mr. ProdFather to prove
    otherwise if he only can. That is why it is a nechos darga even from a
    Chamsan. It is a ze nehene veze choser gam choser - big time. This scenario is
    of High crimes against Humanity, with inhumane ways and means of Corporal
    punishment, Highway Robbery, an offer that no one can refuse, right out of the
    scenes from the (Prod)GodFather. It is exactly like the Criminal hat bearer
    depicted in the original offer to Mr. Macaroni and Mrs. Baloney. In any which
    case, it is a Tkones Chachomim not to reward a Chote veNiskar. At the end of the
    day, they bit into a forbidden fruit that doesn't fly, and the whole make
    believe transaction is racing in reverse full throttle and full gear to Square
    One as if it never happened, except for those entities born out of wedlock R'L'.
    Title goes back to the rightful owners since such a TRAUMA never leaves the mind
    of a victim to be called a Yiush, that is NEVER EVER to forgive or forget. These
    Goons will be forced to live without their spouses wasting away in the can,
    lekayem ma shene'emar Kasher zomam laasos ken yeosse bo, ad bias Goel. venomar

  7. Still no verdict in kidnapping conspiracy trial of Lakewood rabbi

    TRENTON — Jurors deliberating in the trial of a Lakewood rabbi accused of arranging beatings to force men to grant their wives religious divorces finished their second full day of discussions without reaching a verdict on Monday.

    By the end of the day, jurors sent out a note requesting the transcript of the testimony of Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag, who testified against Rabbi Mendel Epstein in a kidnapping conspiracy trial.

    Ralbag, who was granted immunity from prosecution by federal prosecutors in exchange for his testimony, including his description of an investigation launched by a group of rabbis in Brooklyn into one of the alleged kidnappings.


  8. Yes, of course, the robber gets title only where the
    rightful owner abandons his claims.
    Personally I’m trying to keep title to my property by not abandoning my
    rights in Kings County court papers #54688-12 and in NYS Commission on Judicial
    Conduct # 2015/N-0227. I saw this fine
    comment on

    “Check Bava Basra 48a. Its right there.

    Financial coercion clearly pasuls a Get according to
    Orthodox Judaism.

    Clearly Mrs. Light is on course for a completely pasul
    Get Meusa, and will remain married under halacha after the bogus
    "Get" is done. Unless she wants to rely on the "psak" of
    Feminist High Priestess Aranoff and the Reformadox Theologians in lieu of rabbis.

    Modern Orthodox prenups = "halachically"
    sanctioned wife swapping on a massive scale.”

  9. Is there a way to find out what R' Ralbag, The Waxes and the rest have disclosed in their testimony?

  10. All the testimony and everything is public information and available in the Federal court PACER system. There's a small fee per page after you open an account. You can get the entire trial and all the testimony, etc.

    I think someone should get all of it from PACER after the trial and publicly post it here on the blog.

  11. Rabbi guilty of kidnapping conspiracy, jury finds

    TRENTON – Mendel Epstein, a Lakewood rabbi and self-proclaimed "tough guy" who cultivated a reputation as the man to see when legal means of persuasion weren't enough to compel an Orthodox Jewish husband to grant his wife a religious divorce, was convicted Tuesday of conspiracy to commit kidnapping.

    Epstein, 69, was found not guilty of attempted kidnapping. Two other rabbis, Jay Goldstein and Benyamin Stimler, were both found guilty of conspiracy to commit kidnapping as well as attempted kidnapping. Epstein's son, David Epstein, was found not guilty of all charges.Defense attorneys for Rabbi Mendel Epstein of Lakewood and three other men unsuccessfully moved for a mistrial Tuesday after spotting an error in the indictment given to the jury.


    Lakewood rabbi and 2 others convicted in kidnapping conspiracy; son acquitted

    TRENTON — A jury on Tuesday convicted Lakewood Rabbi Mendel Epstein and two of his three defendants of kidnapping conspiracy and attempted kidnapping charges.

    At the same time, the jurors acquitted Epstein's son, David "Ari" Epstein, of all charges.

    After three full days of deliberations, jurors rejected all kidnapping charges against the men.


  12. Thanks for the info. Where is the Press, did they get 'lo yechratz' gelt?

  13. I have a
    pacer account and I still cannot get what Rabbi Ralbag, the Waxes, and others
    revealed in their testimony. Let me tell a story. When a NYS court jailed my
    judge Gerald Garson, in Kings County Court file 2313-1991, 4-years for bribery,
    I thoughts then, surely, now, the courts will throw out the nonsense and lies of
    my adversary. Yet nothing changed, in
    the arguments and tone with the replacement judges and with later new files
    opened against me. Yes, my adversary is
    the “Feminist High Priestess Aranoff and the Reformadox Theologians in lieu of
    rabbis.” The best proof of the guilt of Mendel Epstein et al is the 24 minute
    phone tape:


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