Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rav Y. Belsky: Objections of Rav S. Miller & Rav A. Schechter

These are documents relating to a dispute a number of years ago. I am not chas v'shalom setting myself up as a judge in this case - but the gedolim were clearly very upset with what Rav Belsky- he should have a refuah shleima -  was doing in the case. As anyone who has met Rav Belsky - he is a very impressive talmid chachom - both in terms of his knowledge of  Torah and his readiness to act forcefully for what he thinks is correct. He also has managed to upset others over the years by his independence.  I happened to have had a meeting with Rav Belsky at this time and he noted that there were wall posters all over Jerusalem signed by Rav Eliashiv but he told me that in reality Rav Eliashiv agreed with him. There is also disagreement as to whether Rav Belsky was merely trying to frighten the husband into giving a get or that he was willing to issue a heter to remarry based on these ideas. The major concern with gittin and permitting a woman to remarry is that the get and the ability to remarry should be generally accepted by gedolim. Anytime a rav is involved in these areas and is viewed as doing things unacceptable especially when he does them repeatedly -  is something to be concerned about.


  1. You are a very smooth operator. Your disclaimer is a farce let's face it.

    Obviously Belsky will make whatever claim he likes but it is public knowledge that he has been told by the gedolim to stay away from Gittin and thrown out by rav Elyashiv. Although his IQ may not be in question, neither are his ethics either any longer!

    He is a sakono to Klal Yisroel and is in all likelihood not kosher for a minyan. And this is the man that Kamenetsky relied upon.

    Frankly Rav Miller made him look like a corrupt idiot.

  2. Is this the same as discussed here (its a horrible website and blogger, but its relevant to this issue):

    Its about a heter Rav Belsky gave a wife to remarry, that Rav Ahron Schechter was very against.

  3. More from above:

  4. Here are some documents from the case (don't know which are authoritative):

  5. "You are a very smooth operator. Your disclaimer is a farce let's face it."

    Stan- Keep up the constipated comments. You're really displaying your truly encyclopedic ignorance.

    "The major concern with gittin and permitting a woman to remarry is that the get and the ability to remarry should be generally accepted by gedolim."
    And here I was thinking that the major concern is that she should be מגורשת. Silly me!

  6. shaul shapira - stans' comment was an opinion. You might not agree, but it does not display any ignorance.
    You're really displaying your grammatical and rhetorical ignorance.

  7. why was my repy to shapiro not posted? if he dishes it out, he must presumably be prepared to get dished back?

  8. as i stated before the censorship axe fell on me, this is a case where a GET was NOT involved, belsky decided a get was not necessary for a reason unknown to everyone except himself. so shapira's comments are ridiculous. i have broad enough shoulders to be attacked but should have the right to uncensored reply. however admittedly it is not my blog.

    to shaul shapira, a get is a piece of paper. to those who obey halochoh, it is something that causes a chaloys, ie causes a couple to be megureshes. hence if prepared improperly, including by those who don't follow halochoh, it won't have a chaloys.

    perhaps shapira will be so kind as to translate rav miller's letter for the benefit of those who don't understand hebrew. it is pretty shocking.

    ps: anyone who believes belsky's disclaimer about rav elyashiv's signature in this case, is very naive. the whole oylom hatorah knew about it and he had to back down in the end.

  9. There is a certain Stupid, Totally Anonmymous Nutcase (known by his initials as S.T.A.N.) who feels qualified to pass judgement on various Gedolei Yisrael but out of humility chooses not to reveal his own name and instead indulges in Haka-ah Besaser. (See here: He apparently considers 'civil discourse' to be an oxymoron. (And since 'divrei chachamim b'nachas nishmaim', perhaps we can glean his intellingence level as well.) I will therefore attempt to avoid adressing S.T.A.N. as much as possible.

  10. Binyamin- If I claim that in my opinion, the moon is made out of green cheese, I am displayiong ignorance. If something is your opinion, presumably you believe it.

    Also your accusation that R Sternbuch is ruining the institution of marriage, ( does not make you look good. If you feel that strongly about it, perhaps you should write a Teshuva yourself (preferably under your real, whole name.)

    Rabbi E- You certainly need not censor any of S.T.A.N.'s vile bile on behalf.

  11. shaul shapira you know nothing about anything. how many divorced men have you dealt with whose lives have been ruined because of the corrupt alleged gedolim I have defamed have at best kept quiet or are actually the cause of this? None by the way you answer or else you are not only an ignoramous but a a callous biryon.

    please supply your phone number and address if you are so transparent, and where you daven etc.

    if i was the one who was slamming belsky and the schlachter you would have a quarter of a point. you would at least be able to claim that you were defending the "gedolim" but I am not. belsky has been slammed by rav elyashiv, and many, many others. i guess you are a card carrying meber of the "gedolim" club. I am a card carrying member of the shulchan oruch and torah which says fight ivus hadin. once again translate rabbi miller's letter and see how makes mincemeat of belsky's position. belsky has been involved in way too many controversies for him to be given the benefit of the doubt, even though in almost all of them there were no doubt.

    i am only the messanger. attack the message and those who wrote the message.

  12. Stan,

    I believe your complaints against Belsky are valid.

    Recently I spoke to a prominent American Chareidi Rav in Yerushalayim. That Rav informed me that Rav Elyashiv SHLITAH has refused to meet with Belsky for a number of years, and there are other Gadolim in Eretz Yisrael who are also shunning Belsky due to his alleged corruption, especially in Gittin matters.

    As far as Herschel Schachter and ORA are concerned, I don't believe that any Chareidi authority in GITTIN matters has ever endorsed the ORA agenda of GET MEUSA, M'SIRAH, and Jewish family destruction.

  13. shapira - if you believe that making divorce easy does not undermine marriage, please explain why.

  14. and since I am feeling pedantic today, I will correct shapira's opinion that the makeup of the moon is an opinion when it is in fact a fact.

  15. There has probably never been a Gadol in history who didn't have detractors. I'm sure the Baal Ma'aneh Le'igros felt that Rav Moshe Feinstein was destroying America. And we can probably dig up someone from Torah Vo'daas who doesn't hold of R Henoch Leibowitz.

    I have never met most of the Gedolim you slammed. For all I know, they may all be corupt criminals. But I have absolutely no reason to believe that they actually are; and an angry IP adress is not going to make me think otherwise.

    I have made my points. I will now disengage myself (for now) from this food fight.

  16. Emes L'yaakov. I appreciate the comments. Are you at liberty to reveal your source?

  17. Belsky claiming that rav elyashiv actually agrees with him is pathetic and a lie. so much for the "gedolim". there are no gedolim in america anyway. the agudah employs an archivist who is machzik his daughter for many years in arko'oys with the most vicious mesirah (all false) being perpetrated. Yet there is utter silence from the Agudah. Are these the fake gedolim we are talking about?

  18. shaul shapira there are documents out there regarding belsky. so get real. are you claiming they are not authentic? be my guest contact the letter writers and report on your findings.

    in america today, when was the last time you had a "godol" standing up to the BDA? NO, instead those on the moetzes go and honor these biryonim. I can't talk about yesteryears I wasn't alive but when alleged leaders refuse to stand up to the issues of the day and waste their time on repeated asifah's about the internet, it is basic logic that they are not gedolim but those masquerading as such. they walk the walk and talk the talk but their personal behavior in many situastions at best leaves much to be desired and in many instances is abominable.


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