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ORA:Promoting chilul haShem in the media

ORA Free Tamar  (Partial listing)


  1. As avf posted on a different page

    avfApr 4, 2012 06:31 AM
    Your allowed to publicize the Achzarius and Rishus of friedman so that he is embarrassed and rejected until he does the right thing. In such cases we don't take into account the families Busha.

    The likes of avf and ORA don't care if they public embarrass the family members of a get refuser nor if they make a huge chillel hashem by going to the press. What they do has no basis in Halacha, nor do they care.

    It does surprise me that their organization has tax exempt status – since when do terrorist enjoy tax exempt status?

    1. Yisstein Have you never heard of Nidui? Their families get a lot of Busha.
      Since he refused to listen to a Bais Din of 5 Gedolei Yisroel who know more about what happened than anyone on this blog, they said to do whatever possible to get a get.
      The chillul hashem is not publicizing what happened but the way we act.

    2. So why in January 2011 when Rabbi Shuchatowitz from the Baltimore B"D said , it's "a bit premature" to be holding rallies and other events meant "to pressure [Friedman] because he's not been given his day in court." After all, "you can't disobey something you've not been told to do."
      And at the time the Silver Spring Vaad issued a statement that read:
      "First, at this time there is no Bet Din order for Mr. Friedman to give a get.
      Second, there is no Bet Din statement indicating a refusal to comply with a Bet Din’s order to give a get (a siruv) that exists at this time.

      Yet Jeremy Stern and ORA still held rallies outside Aharon Friedmans apartment in Silver Spring as well in Brooklyn outside his relatives homes?
      There was no chiyuv to give a get from any Bais Din!!
      It is because low lives like Jeremy Stern don't care about Bais Din. All they care about is their "Get to every woman" agenda.

      Again you claim that the 5 Gedolei Yisroel know what happened. How do you know what they know? Didn't Rabbi Kamenetsky publically state that he signed the Lipa ban without knowing all the facts? Did he not just make a statement about Mitztyzah B'Peah and then retract what he said? And since when did R' Ralbag who certifies Hebrew National as kosher become a Gadol Bisroel? Why is his B"D any more reliable then his Hechsher? All those people know is what their "handlers" told them.

      Why don't you read what Rabbi Eidensohn wrote

      "Contrary to the publicity of ORA and Rav Schachter who is the adviser and supporter of ORA - the Friedman-Epstein case is a very weak case - and is not that of an actual Aguna."

      "One of the most critical facts to understand this case of chilul haShem is that Tamar has consistently refused to accept mediation. It is her way or the highway"

      "The above facts make clear that there is absolutely no basis in halacha to require Aharon to give a get."

      "In addition the involvement of Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky in this case is viewed as a major mistake - both politically and halachically - by those familiar with him and with the halachic issues"

      "Tamar is her own worst enemy and has created a prison of her own making - with the enthusiastic assistance of ORA and Rav Schachter and the passive compliance of Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky"

      avf stop repeating the lies - educate yourself about the facts and halacha.

    3. I spoke to Rabbi Ralbag and another member of the Orthodox Union and they both said that holding rallies was forbidden. Rabbi Ralbag told me that the paper he signed did not require a GET, but only that he obey a summons to settle things with a Din Torah. Now, is ORa interested in a Din Torah? Everytime I have tried to talk to someone on that side they have refused to talk. They only want force and terror. And what will they get for it? An invalid GET and possible mamzeruth.

  2. Let me understand this. You consider Failed Messiah mediah? Why not add Unorthodox Jew too?

    1. Do you read failed messiah? It's actually a pretty good news site. It's not just a collection of scandals

  3. It seems to me from what I have read that this is what is going on:

    A man's wife decides to run off with his baby daughter to another state because she doesn't want to be married to him anymore. Then she cries that he is blackmailing her in that he doesn't give her a Jewish divorce, which he never wanted in the first place, all so that she can marry another man who would presumably help raise his daughter.

    Why would any man agree to give her a divorce? Isn't she the one who is blackmailing him by all of the bad publicity?

    Can anyone enlighten me if there is more to the story?

    1. Of course their is more to the story. 5 Gedolei yisroel didn't make a bais din for nonsense . From what I know the husband is a very cold and emotionally controlling and abusive husband . No she did not leave him for someone else.

    2. AVF-
      I guess you dont know much!
      Ahron is a loving father, easy going and NEVER ever abused anyone! You should she his daughter with him, she is the happiest little girl, he showers her with love and attention!
      And about the 5 Gedolei yisroel-Bais din MONEY TALKS!most of thos rabbos never even heard the other side of the story!

    3. avf said, "From what I know the husband is a very cold and emotionally controlling and abusive husband."

      She's the one who ran off with his child and hired ORA to harass him. He's not holding up any signs at her house demanding that she give him visitation rights to his daughter.

      Based on this fact, it appears to me that she is the one who seems very cold, emotionally controlling, and abusive.

      I don't know either of them. I'm just basing my opinions on what I read. I got a request to sign a petition to Congressman Camp to pressure the husband to give Tamar a get, which is why I was curious what this was all about.

    4. Betsalal,
      It is obvious that you have failed the brainwashing test of ORA and the modern rabbi inventors, and until you come around, you are a supporter of evil and you better change. I mean, if we can follow RHS's logic which in his 54 minute audio plainly indicates that such a wicked man like Mr. Friedman should be beaten and maybe killed, why are we ignoring people like Rabbi David Eidensohn who are not yet brainwashed? Why not break their bones? I mean, if you want to invent a Torah of terror, why not invent a Torah of terror? Of course, those people who are being terrorized may decide to imitate ORA and HS and break their bones. It is only a question of time. I say to ORA and RHS, stop now, because if you don't, terror will not rest in one place and will not go in one direction. But people who are content to terrorize a child with hurled insults at her father are fanatics, and you can't talk to a fanatic. But if you can't talk, there are other remedies. Time will tell.

    5. Who cares what you say? You are just being logical with people like ORA who are fanatics. A Jew once did something so evil that that nobody could explain it, and they asked a Rov. He said, I dont know how a Jew can fall so low, but one thing I know, he did this sin leshaim shomoayim. Yes, we people organize rallies to promote mamzerim and adultery, they must be doing this leshaim shomayim. They sustain themselves with hate and creative efforts at Torah study that Moshe Rabbeinu never imagined. And the band plays on. Where will it end?

  4. My dear and dedicated brother has published a partial list of Chilul HaShem in the media. I want to know about the Chilul HaShem that Reb Elyashev and gedolim consider people making mamzerim factories with their inventions in halacha, and where are the public protests supporting the true Gedolim. The very fact that Schachter publishes his findings that normative halacha is wrong and brings no proof to his inventions and doesn't even have a single major halacha expert backing him, because he obvious doesn't feel he needs such when he blows away the Rashbo quoted by four of the greatest poskim, and nobody protests except for the Eidensohn family and some of their friends, this is Chilul HaSHem. Such a person whould be put in Nidui. But who is even talking about these things?


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