Monday, April 16, 2012

Fired Ramaz nurse can sue for reporting abuse

A former school nurse at the Ramaz School in New York who says she was fired for reporting a possible case of child abuse can sue the school under the state’s whistleblower law.

The New York State Court of Appeals court ruled April 12 in a 3-2 vote that Joyce Villarin can sue the school for retaliatory termination, upholding a 2010 decision from Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling.

Ramaz encouraged Villarin, who had been working at the school for a year when the incident occurred, not to report the incident to authorities. She was fired in April 2008 after reporting the incident because the school said she was “not a team player.”


  1. So it's not just chareidim that encourage cover-ups...

  2. That the way it is, Filipino nurses care about Jewish children more than their own rabbis.

    Ramaz has more money than Dalton and I hope she takes them to the cleaner.

  3. I agree with K. I hope the school is bankrupted paying for damages.

  4. Note that these claims are her allegations and have not actually been substantiated. The recent motion simply entitles her to bring suit to attempt to prove them in a court of law.

  5. Chanaleh, If you researched the issue before you started rambling you would see that the school does not denies her allegations. The school says she is "at will employee" and the abuse was not on going.

    Villarin v Rabbi Haskel Lookstein School


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