Monday, April 30, 2012

R' Taubers evaluation of Kedushas Levi Beis Din


  1. how much dosh did you get for this yechiel? this is what your pal moshe green brother of pinky green who fled the us for dealing with the iranians got.

    where is the halachik basis for this? not one source only motzi sheym ra.

    1. Who is Moshe Green and what does he have to do with this?

      Why are you addressing your remarks to Rabbi Tauber?

  2. 1. Translation, please?

    2. Who is R. Gestetner?

    3. Who is R. Tauber?

  3. One side shows encyclopedic knowledge - the other side just calls names.

    As an outsider, it seems clear to me.

  4. Had bad experiencesMay 1, 2012 at 1:15 AM

    Upon investigating this matter, it is clear that the clowns that run this scam operation are truly undeserving of the distinction as Rav, Rebbe, Dayan, or any other title of honor. I am not parroting the agunah groups whose membership increases regularly because of this scam. I have worked with several people who have been rendered agunos because of them. The system involves the "heter meah factory" where husbands who are unable to reach agreements for divorce (with fault being evenly distributed 50-50) deposit a get, get the heter meah, and go one to remarriage. When the wife wants to take her get, she is routed through another negotiation (even where a full agreement was already reached) in which she either forfeits everything, or makes a cash payoff (called extortion). Most rabbonim I know do not recognize anything that is done by this "beis din". They have no ranking among recognized batei din. May HKB"H protect us from dishonest people masquerading as dayanim, rabbonim, or other rabbinic authorities.

  5. thank you very much for putting up this letter, nobody can degrade rabbi taubers' personality more than he himself did by publicizing this letter which is written in pure "pashkevil" style that any bum in the street can write. the difference between rabbi gestetners letter and rabbi taubers' speaks for itself. rabbi g's letter is based on 27 torah and hallacha sources, while rabbi t's letter is cheap "litzanus" and testifies on his lack of menchlichkiet.

  6. RDE, see:

  7. Unfortunately these YU guys cant accept the truth when A bais Din follows Halocho and doesnt pander to the feminists. Jewish halacha does not allow anyone to denigrate or excuse another Bais Din by mere statements as "they are extortionists, we dont hold of them" etc.. You need to substantiate what Aveira they have done before disqualifying them. This particular Bais Din does not accept monies like all others, they are following the dictates of Halocho which is clear that when a woman goes to court as a first remedy she loses all her rights and in fact is obligated to reimburse her husband unnecessary expenses incurred, i.e legal fees because of her actions. So when a Bais Din rules that she must pay, the YU feminists call this extortion! After all a woman has a right to extort a man in the civil courts and following that extortion, she goes to the Bais Din Of America or The RCC or the RCA etc.... and extorts a GET without him having any halachic rights! Second of all, a letter from Rabbi Tauber, or The chief Rabbinate of Israel is of no significance if they dont list what Halachic transgressions this Bais Din has committed. Let me remind you that the masses burned the seforim Of the Ramchal stating that he was a heretic, yet today we know the truth!

  8. Rabbi Tauber's attack on Rabbi Abraham lacks any halachic substance and reeks of vicious politically motivated MOTSI SHEM RAH.

    Rabbi Abraham SHLITAH is a fine ehrlich rav, a Yirei Shamayim, and a great Ohev Yisrael. He has incurred the unholy wrath of certain corrupt establishment rabbis and organizations, due to his valiant struggle against corruption in the Bais Din system, against M'SIRAH, GET MEOSO, and feminist Torah perversions.

    The corrupt politicos and ORA bosses attacking Rabbi Abraham cannot and will not describe details of any specific cases, nor will they cite any valid halachic sources, which demonstrate in any manner where Rabbi Abraham allegedly violated Torah law, because these cases and sources do not exist.

  9. Politically IncorrectFebruary 1, 2016 at 6:02 PM

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