Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Silver Segulah ring advertised in Mishpacha - is not validated by Rav Sternbuch

The following notice appeared in this week's Mishpacha magazine
regarding a two page ad that was printed in the previous edition. The ad
asserted that the ring helps many serious problems and that it was
endorsed by Rav Moshe Sternbuch and other rabbis. This is the response
provided by Rav Sternbuch.


  1. Which seforim kedoshim? What Mesorah? Is it from R Yonasan Eybeshitz's times?

  2. It's in Kav Yashar and avodas hakodesh

  3. R. Eidensohn -

    Why do you report minute issues with Rav Shternbuch? Are you trying to wrap everything you do around him to appear you are some sort of close gabbai of his and have his approval for your unrelated actions and posts? Or does Rav Shternbuch request that you publish on the internet reports about him such as this one?

  4. Should Jews Wear Red Strings?

    This message is condensed from an article by Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky from LIFESTYLE Magazine, September 2004:

    There is absolutely no genuine Kabbalistic source for wearing a red thread around the wrist to ward off the Evil Eye. It is NOT mentioned in any Kabbalistic work.

    The Debrecyzner Rav mentions it, but his extensive search could NOT find a written source for the practice.

    The Tosefta on tractate Shabbat, chapters 7:1 and 8:4 state that tying a red string around oneself is clearly PROHIBITED.

    It is called Darchei Emori, a worthless, superstitious practice, close to idol-worship.

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  5. I looked up the Kav HaYoshor, and saw that it was from a R' Yoel Baal Shem from Zamosc. I then googled to find out something about him, and found this piece.

    I wonder why R' Shternbuch is apparently taken by this concept?

    Also what about the Issur of Lo Yilbash? If the argument is that it's a ring for males, then I guess it also means there is no question according the Chida and the Kav HaYoshor that men can wear a wedding ring (unless you follow the view of the Gra on Chukos HoAkum!


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