Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Arson attack victim files $18 million suit against Chasidic rabbi & assailant


The family of a man badly burned in an alleged arson attack filed a lawsuit against the grand rabbi of the Chasidic village of New Square, N.Y., accusing him of directing and condoning a campaign of harassment against them.

The suit, filed Monday in New York State Supreme Court on behalf of Aron Rottenberg and his family, lists two defendants: Shaul Spitzer, 18, the alleged arsonist; and David Twesky, the rebbe of the Skverer Chasidic sect. It urges the court to level an $18 million judgement agaisnt each of the two defendants.[...]


  1. It's really sickening that the Skverer Rebbe could be involved in something like this. Meanwhile how many countless frum Jews who I have met who sing his praises as some kind of angelic tzadik and fantastic "rebba" -

    It seems people are easily fooled by accolades and garb.

  2. What a joke. The judge will probably throw it out of court before it gets to a jury. By suing a third party (i.e. the Skverer Rebbe) who had nothing to do with it, and the lawyer admitted he has no proof, it will be declared a frivolous lawsuit.


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