Monday, June 20, 2011

The Doctor Who Performed on Rav Elyashiv


He is one of America’s top doctors and was voted so in 2007 by a group of peers.  Dr. Daniel Clair is Chairman of the Department of Vascular Surgery and a Vascular Surgeon practicing at Cleveland Clinic's main campus.  He is also the surgeon who successfully operated on the Gadol HaDor Rav Sholom Moshe Elyashiv this past Sunday.

Dr. Clair specializes in carotid artery surgery and thoraco-abdominal aortic repair and reconstruction. This was a surgery that he had performed on Rav Elyashiv seven years ago, and one that he required once again.  Both times Dr. Clair flew to Eretz Yisroel, himself, his team and his equipment.  Prior to this surgery which took place at Hadassa Hospital in Jerusalem (at 1:30 PM New York City time), Dr. Clair had asked for a blessing from Rav Elyashiv for a successful surgery.  Rav Ekyashiv gave a bracha that he should be a successful shliach. [....]


  1. just out of curiosity - do we know who paid for the trip etc?
    Joel Rich

  2. "....just out of curiosity - do we know who paid for the trip etc? ""

    I am sure It is the Zionists who paid for it, they actually bended the laws for him so an American practitioner who probably does not have a license to practice in Israel could come to a state hospital and perform there.

    I am not we will not hear any thanks to the medina from his handlers.

  3. Maybe we should also thank the medina for "allowing" us to breath the air in Eretz Yisroel.

  4. my father had a similar surgery years ago -- you dont reconstruct the carotid artery, you go around it. (even the skverer rebbe knew that, in advising my father.)

    maybe thats why he had to have it done again.

    (and by the way, the skverer rebbe recommended a diff doctor (on park ave) than the satmar rebbe z"l's ENT (in kghills.)

    my fathers ok -- years later.

    2. and brendan -- the problem IS his handlers. (besides the "medinah" issue.)

  5. Frank, they don't control the air, but why are you so negative? In terms of Halacha, there is Hakoras HaTov, and Brendan McGuire's point is certainly rooted in that.

  6. "control"? Who asked them to "control" anything?

  7. FRANK
    A country to exist needs a system of rules, regulation and code of behavior or else it is a JUNGLE. Rav Elyashuv shli"ta could not have had this operation in a JUNGLE setting.
    Since there has never been a willing, able or desirable Religious entity to set a 'control system' in place in Israel, we got what we got.
    Our brotherly neighbors, the 'Islamic Arabs' had stated loud and clear what their opinion of the Jewish residents are. Who is your suggestion for 'Baal Habayis'?

  8. Never considered this, right?June 22, 2011 at 12:52 PM

    Actually, Brendan and all, the medina did not pay for this at all. A chassidic philanthropist from Monsey covered the entire bill, including plane tickets, surgery, hotel accomodations, etc.
    But we don't expect anyone to thank the chassidim either, because they'd rather smear them.

  9. A chassidic philanthropist from Monsey covered the entire bill, including plane tickets, surgery, hotel accomodations, etc

    Does the mysterious Chassidic philanthropist from Monsey have a name ?

    and was not Hadassa the Hispital the Haredim refered as Modern day Dr Mengle ?,9788,L-2082060-2082061,00.html?,images&,7340,L-3749475,00.html

    I guess now the hospital is just fine for them

  10. it was shari tzedek ,noqt as stated...

  11. Of course we wish a full refuah shelema to Rav Eliyashiv shlita.

    It is intersting to see the zig-zagging of the ultra haredi world when it comes to Science and Mada.
    R' Shach was so opposed to all matters of secular knowledge, yet would go to these secular experts whenever he had medical problems.

    In the book of Ezra, we see how Ezra fasted because he felt embarrassed to ask for military aid in travelling to Eretz Yisrael - since he had already proclaimed that Hashem would not let anything happen to him.

    It is easy to be a fanatic and attack all modern knowledge, but it is not easy to be an Ezra, who is an honest man and feels shame even for his fears.


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