Sunday, June 12, 2011

Beigel Busting: How to Spot a Tuna Beigel

for those who follow the Orthodox world the following is a cogent and accurate description of an important phenomenon.

yeshiva guy

Before you begin the Yeshiva Guy course in Beigel Busting, you must first learn what a Tuna Beigel is. A Tuna Beigel, or Beigel for short, is a colloquial term for a (former) member of an Ultra-Orthodox Chassidishe sect. Typically speaking, they are slightly clueless about the outside world due to their insulated upbringing. Technically, they may still consider themselves Chassidim, but in reality, they have severed most ties with their heritage long ago. It is precisely the links that they cannot break, however, that makes them so hilarious, and consequently so much fun to watch in action.[...]

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