Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hasidic sect takes succession war to the Internet


As the succession war in Haifa's Seret-Viznitz Hasidic sect heats up, one of the warring parties has resorted to the Internet as a weapon.

In recent weeks, video footage has begun circulating in emails and on the ultra-Orthodox website Behadrei Haredim that shows Rabbi Baruch Hager, grandson of the sect's current admor (rabbinic leader ), maligning key leaders of Haifa's Viznitz community to his 86-year-old grandfather and even managing to get the admor to speak out against them.

Hager's allies say the recordings are fake, and that they are being distributed by another grandson of the admor - Baruch Hager's cousin, Yisrael Shpitatz - who hopes to ensure that his father, a Neturei Karta Hasid, will inherit instead. [....]


  1. Actually the Neturi Karta are not hassdim they are misnagdim. If you go to their shul you will see they daven Nusach hagr'a

    Some of them are deep inside nice people but their uncontrollable hatred to anything Israel got the best of them.

  2. NK are not true MItnagdim.
    The GR'A sent his top students - the Gedolim, to Eretz Israel in order to prepare for the Geula. One mission, by R' Israel of Shlov, was to find the remnants of the 11 other tribes of Israel, who may still have unbroken Semicha from Moses, and who could renew Semicha for the Tribe of Yehuda , ie the Jews.
    This was the precursor of Zionism, an religious Zionism in its truest form.


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