Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Should Men Be Allowed to Father Children After They're Dead?


Fertility-treatment innovations mean that all sorts of people who would not have been able to have a baby a generation ago are now able to bring life into the world. Now, some are arguing the ranks of the newly fertile should include dead people.

In Australia, a woman was granted permission last month to use her dead husband's sperm in an in-vitro fertilization (IVF) attempt to create a child. In Israel, grieving grandparents are petitioning a court to allow them to use their dead son's sperm to conceive a grandchild. And in California, a woman is due in three months with her husband's child — even though her husband died not long before she got pregnant. [...]

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  1. An Israeli story was recently in the news - similar or same case.

    R' Yuval Cherlow was opposed to allowing a woman to conceive with her dead husband's sperm.
    But isnt this the fulfillment of Yibum? He is able to continue his name, which the precise reason the Torah commands the Levirate marriage.


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