Monday, April 4, 2011

Sexual abuse trials of Weberman & Dascalowitz


At 10:15 on Friday morning, Nechemya Weberman was seen before the judge in the Kings County Supreme Court for what promises to be a long trial involving his alleged rape and sexual assault of a 12 year old girl for three years as she was seeing him as a therapy patient. Weberman was arrested in connection with this on February 23rd and is currently out on $15,000 bail.

Weberman’s lawyer, a slick looking man in an expensive suit, turned down Judge Patricia Dimangos’ offer of five years imprisonment and maintained a pleading of not guilty. The court scheduled to meet again on Wednesday, May 11th for the next step in the proceedings. The trial itself has not been yet set. These proceedings can drag out for months or years, often wearing the victim and her supporters thin.

The defendant is a 53 year old married, unlicensed therapist from the sequestered community of Williamsburg, New York, where almost everyone is Chasidic. The courtroom was filled with Hasidim, most of whom were there to support the victim. Weberman’s wife, son, and two sisters sat in the back corner, avoiding the glances of curious audience members.[...]


  1. The title of that YU rag's article here is "Chasidic Man on Trial for Sexual Assault". If it would have been a YU guy, would the title have been "Modern Orthodox Man on Trial for Sexual Assault"? Of course not. Which clearly demonstrates this article is nothing but lies and propaganda.

  2. I like this from the story:

    "Online forums have been abuzz with this story ever since Weberman was first arrested. Some comments ... say such things as “a Hasidic holy rabbi would never commit this crime. You are all anti-Semitic!”

    I have no doubt that is a manufactured quote. Oh, I'm sure it appeared in some "online forum". Perhaps even a so-called "hareidi" forum. But it without doubt was planted there by a hareidi hater who believes in every allegation against hareidim, but doesn't believe that comment he penned.

  3. Ahh, I see the article references and links to that self-hating Jew at frumfollies. That explains a lot.

    I also see the also revel at how many times they can throw in the word "chasid".

  4. Yerachmiel Lopin comes from a Satmar family and is a yirat shamayim with an excellent Torah education.

    There is a difference between hating molesters who happen to be Jewish and hating Jews.

    It is a mitzvah to pursue rodefim and rashaim.

  5. Englishman, I am offended by the cavalier way in which you throw around the epithet, "self hating Jew." I suspect you are not an Englishman and I am quite sure you are not a gentleman. However, either back up your allegation that I am self-hating or withdraw it.

    Your connecting me to the statement about, "No chosid would do xx" in a non-sequiter. I did not say or allege someone else said that. Nor do I play at being haredi to stuff my quotes into the mouths of others. The author of the YUBeacon linked to me and spoke of that quote in separate places in the article.

    I notice regularly that defenders of almost every molester in the world insist on trashing those who bring out the truth as self-hating.

    I had nothing to do with the YU Beacon article itself. However, the aticle to which the author linked was shared with the YU Social Justice Club when it deliberated whether to issue a call to attend the court session. I am linked to because I have done the most reporting on the Weberman case to date.

    His being a chosid in the orbit of Satmar is important because his acts seem to have grown out of his role in the Williamsburg Vaad Hatznius. The Vaads in Willi, KJ and Monsey are much more agressive, controlling, and according to sources, extortionist.

    For a full summary of the Weberman case to date go to:

    For a posting about the vaad hatznius racket in Williamsburg, go to:

  6. The snarky comments about Mr. Weberman's lawyer are uncalled for. Every defendant, however dispicable he or she may be, is entitled to effective legal representation at trial. Would the writer of the piece be less offended if Weberman's lawyer appeared in a rumpled suit and in need of a haircut?

  7. Rapist Meir Dascalowitz Case Transferred to Judge D'emic Mental Health Part June 16, 2011 to Be Remanded to State Mental Facility - See CALA blog for details.


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