Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rashi questioning assertion of gemora (Berachos 33b)

Berachos (33b): R’ Zera said: Choose the statement of Rabbi Chiya bar Abba because he is very precise in reporting the statements of his teacher like Rachava of Pumbedisa. Because Rachva said in the name of Rabbi Yehuda ….

Rashi (Berachos 33b): Choose the statement of Rabbi Chiya bar Aba…but this is very problematic. First of all Rachava never saw Rabbi Yehuda. He never saw Rabbi Yehuda the son of Rabbi Elai or Rabbi Yehuda Hanassi. Second -  all the other Amoraim were also very precise in reporting matters in the name of the one who originally said them. Furthermore what is quoted doesn’t show that he was being precise…

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  1. How did Rashi know that? Is that what is interesting about this?


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