Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Call Police: Don't call your rabbi when faced with immediate possible life threatening situations

the Shul Bomber was recently captured by the FBI. The person who discovered him and was aware that he was the bombing suspect - first called his rabbi to see whether it was permitted. This is sheer idiocy. When there is even a suspected life threatening situation you must call the police immediately!

ABC News

"Today, I happened to be on the Jewish website 'Vos Iz Neias,'" the rabbi added. "I saw the facial features, although he shaved off part of his beard. First thing I did was call my local rabbi to see if I could report him. He said, 'If he is a danger to society, you have to report him.' I called the FBI in Santa Monica. They asked me to call the Cleveland Heights police. They came to synagogue, and he was sitting right in the back."


  1. I tried writing as much on the news site, but couldn't figure out how to word it. I am afraid with leaving non-observant Jewish readers with the impression that halakhah could be that careless with human lives.


  2. The media reported that it was an accident after the incident. What happened?

  3. It is a pleasure to see the hamon hoam knows to ask a shaila first. Despite what the pseudo-rabbinical blog pundits would like.


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