Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rabbi accused of bribing witness to testify against Baruch Liebovitz


A Brooklyn rabbi is under arrest and facing charges of bribery and witness tampering for allegedly paying an individual to accuse another rabbi of sexual abuse.

Sources tell NBC New York that Samuel Kellner was arrested Tuesday night. The Brooklyn district attorney has scheduled a news conference but has declined comment ahead of the announcement.

Kellner is accused of paying a witness to say he was abused by Rabbi Baruch Lebovits, who was sentenced a year ago to 32 years in prison after he was convicted of child molestation. [...]


  1. Tornados, flooding, forest fires, runaway inflation, massive foreclosures, food shortages, record unemployment and gay marriage; aside from the fact that we are at war for our very survival against unseen enemies who are plotting who knows what. We have weather woes, fiscal firestorms and a public character plunging into moral chaos, while we worry about terrorists being among the thousands of illegal aliens pouring across the Mexican border every day; perhaps this is the perfect storm. America, the society that G-d has blessed with more power and wealth than the world has ever known, is facing enormous challenges on all fronts. Yet most of us seem to be living our lives still intact, thank G-d, so we need to look at all these unfortunate circumstances as a series of warnings. If you would ask what these warnings are about, take your pick. We have a social order that has clear distinctions between moral and legal. Immorality can be legal and the police can arrest people for doing the right thing. That is very different from living a Torah life where morality is the law.

  2. Hmm. So apparently all allegations of sexual abuse against a rabbi or others are not always true. Seems like it could even sometimes be framing. Which leads me to think that perhaps we should not take accusations at face value.

  3. The DA still thinks he's guilty. As it stands Kellner has a "close relative" that has been hurt by the perv and might feel justice was not served against the perv.

  4. The DA never admits they made a mistake. Even when it stares them in the face. This is an old story. Especially for elected DA's.


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