Wednesday, April 13, 2011

JBAC protests against conference on "Molestation Issues"

Sunday, May 15, 2011, Jewish Board of Advocates for Children will
protest at the Brooklyn Marriott, while Aguda Rabbis Chaim Dovid Zwiebel
and Shlomo Gottesman are publicly speaking to 500 orthodox professionals
on, "Molestation Issues and Reporting: Halachic and Legal Overview." The
source of the problem will pontificate about the problem. What a cruel
farce and hoax! There will be no experienced prosecutor, lawyer,
therapist, child advocate, nor recognized rabbi-posek who will speak.
The cover-up and obfuscation continue. And so will the protest. Its an


  1. Feh. There is no big deal when some losers stand like clowns with signs protesting the people who actually help the Klal.

  2. Under whose Rabbinical auspices are the JBAC? Let's go further, is there anywhere in the Rambam or Shulchan Aruch where child molestation is discussed?

  3. The Korbon Pesach is a bitter sweet Mitzvah. We can read about it, study the Halacha and do the necessary devotions on Erev Pesach. We even have the consolation of knowing that HaShem credits us with the Mitzvah when we perform it in speech. Alas, but in Malchut, the world of action nothing is as good as performing the actual Mitzvah. So, it leaves me dissatisfied as with all of the Mitzvahs for which we must wait until Mashiach arrives to restore us to our rightful place in the Beis HaMikdosh. Therefore,we can do all the learning, but for now the real Mitzvah is in the yearning.

  4. Here they go again! JBAC seems to have an agenda, and protecting Jewish children is not even in the picture. These guys haven't a clue what CD Zweibel or R' Gottesman are going to say. The Agudah has been swinging strongly toward the very positions the JBAC has been pressing, though with true sincerity. It sounds great to be an "advocate", but it is very different to be actually doing something. When JBAC started, it was a sincere organization with a purpose. That appears strongly to have changed into an anti-chareidi mission, with no meaningful connection to its original purpose. I would sing a different tune if they came to listen, and then commented about any disagreements they had with the positions stated. As things stand now, I hope the "protesters" all find simchadik reasons to be busy elsewhere.

  5. The program was great, and all participants were just thrilled to witness the program go on without interruption. The shiur clarified much by way of the halachic issues. There are questions left, but the clarity of thought was amazing. The Agudah has made huge strides on this issue. If JBAC had any brains, it would support the process to continue instead of the babyish "protests". As the previous comment, the Agudah is working for the positive. I have no such feeling about "protesters". I'm not sure of their motive, but it is not about child safety.


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