Friday, March 5, 2010

Rav Sternbuch: A Gadol's responsiblity


  1. This is a very true description of Moshe's self sacrifice. However, it is also the opposite of the Haredi world view. The Haredi Gedolim are opposed to any physical/ material improvement in the lives of Jews, be they religious or not yet religious, even if it risks 1 iota of yeshiva study being lessened. Hence, European Haredi leaders forbade their students to accept Zionist certificates to go to Israel, even to learn in Yeshivot, because it would harm their Haredi Derech. One rabbi approached 20 European Yehivot with certificates, but was rebuffed by all but one ( Mir) yeshiva. the rest persihed in the Holocaust.
    The same can be said about their view on secular education.

  2. I found the comment about knowing your role as very important. As I read it, it can be interpreted as one person's role may be to become a Talmid Chacham and learn in Kollel full time. But another might be to work to get a parnossa (while still being kovayah ittim) and support the person in Kollel as well as the needy of the town. In other words, not everyone has to learn all day or else is considered a failure, on a lower level. Each has his role.


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