Sunday, March 21, 2010

Israel is standing firm against Obama


Israel has no intention of backing down in its argument with the United States over Israeli plans to build 1,600 apartments on disputed land in largely Arab East Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday.

"Our policy regarding Jerusalem is the same as it was over the past 42 years. We have made it clear to the Americans that for us, building there is just like building in Tel Aviv," Netanyahu said. Israel captured the land in question in the spring of 1967, nearly 43 years ago. [...]


  1. According to YNet in English, Netanyahu caved in almost completely, agreeing to Arab demands for final status talks on Yerushalayim and a complete building freeze as well.

    Who are we to believe?

  2. It is a well-known fact that this man does not keep the mitzvos, including Shabbos, kashrus, and so on.

    I find it ridiculous that any yirat shamayim people expect anything real from him.

    Don't they care about avodas Hashem?

  3. Friendly-

    So only someone who is shomer torah and mitzvos is credible and trustworthy?

    Do you really want to go there?

  4. Growing up:

    So if you had a hundred million dollars you would give it to Netanyahu to take care of for you?

    Eretz Yisrael is worth more.

    Yirat Shamayim people think that this mechallel Shabbos is going to guide Eretz Yisrael in the ikvisa d'Meshicha. Really.

    It's like having Dasan and Aviram guide Am Yisrael through the midbar.

  5. hmm, that in itself isnt necessarily a proof .

    The issues are quite complex:
    How much pressure US is really putting on Israel.
    What sanctions are they threatening?
    What is the dialogue re: Iran. Is America blackmailing Israel about Iran too?

    From a Torah point of view: Hezekiahu HaMelech, was really frum - he kept the entire Torah, he had Bitachon in Hashem that nobody else ever had; he made all of Israel frum and knowledgeable of Torah. He was rewarded with much riches. But his heart grew in gaavah; and Hashem tested him, and he failed, by showing the foreign visitors everything that he owned.

    I am not arguing that secular zionists are reknowned for being humble! Quite the opposite. Many people become really top of their field, frum or not, and develop a massive Gaavah - arrogance. The story of Hezekiah teaches us that this is never, ever justified. And we can be as frum as we like, but once we get cocky about it, then Hashem is no longer with us.


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