Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Arabs protest rebuilding of shul they destroyed


In what appeared to be a case of unfortunate timing, Israel officially inaugurated a rebuilt synagogue in Jerusalem’s Old City on Monday, entangling what was intended to be a festive cultural event with the diplomatic row over new Israeli construction in the contested territory.

The restoration of the Hurva Synagogue, which was destroyed by Jordanian forces during the 1948 war, has been under way for years. But its reopening ceremony coincided with a crisis in Israel-American relations over plans for new Jewish housing in East Jerusalem that were announced during a visit here last week by Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.[...]


  1. The NYT has missed the point.

    The Palestinians go to great lengths to depict their ideology as anti Zionist in nature. Of course, this is not true but that is the narrative they present.

    The very public Arab hysteria surrounding the reopening of the shul lays bare the real Hamas agenda. Their speeches were vicious, and bigoted and encouraged violence.

    The NYT, et al, would have done well to remind it's readers that after 1948 over 200 batei knesset were destroyed by the Arabs of East Jerusalem- AFTER the hostilities has ceased.

    Then again, if they did that they wouldn't be the NYT.

  2. the exiled leader of the Islamic militant group Hamas, said the synagogue’s dedication signified “the destruction of the Al Aksa Mosque and the building of the temple,”


    Even Hamas accept the Daas Torah of the Vilna Gaon!

  3. Over 400 Mosques were destroyed by the IDF during 1947-48 according to Meron Benvenisti


    No one can make the claim that Zionism has elevated the worship of the One and True G-d.

  4. Brooklyn-

    The Israelis don't destroy mosques today nor do they celebrate their destruction or the murder of Muslims. Witness the desecration of the shul in Gaza and other Arab celebrations at the death of Jews.

    The Arabs desecrated har hazaseim. Tombstones were used to line latrines and as sewage conduits. Unlike Benevisti (and his specious claims that have been challenged), there are photos of the desecration I have mentioned.

    Further, in virtually every Arab country, cemeteries were deliberately desecrated and razed. The ugly behavior isn't limited to Jewish targets: Christians the Bahai, Buddhists and others have all experienced Islamic 'enlightenment'. The list goes on.

    Sorry, but there is no moral equivalence between the Israelis and the Arabs.

    Sorry Brooklyn, you won't be able find 'heligkeit' bashing Zionists. You might actually have to DO something other than point a finger at others.

    Radical thought, isn't it?

  5. Any moron can claim that IDF destroyed mosques, but what he doesn't tell you is that Muslims quite regularly used mosques as fortresses/bunkers/sniper lookouts, etc etc and regularly used them in military missions. So if they were destroyed (I doubt the claims that there were that many as I'm sure they went at great lengths to avoid doing so, as is the Israeli mentality), it must have been for a valid military reason. Jews were not using synagogues as army bases against Jordanians, in fact the Jordanians forced the Jews out of there.


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