Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Israel: Russian immigrants

MARINA from Belarus and Ida from Ukraine were selling jewelry on fold-up tables by the beach, alongside Malka from Georgia. On the way over, I had met Natalya from Russia and Igor from Uzbekistan, who were holding hands as they strolled around a hilltop park, sunning themselves on a sparkling winter afternoon. Should it have been any surprise that Yana, the saleswoman at the nearby mall, grew up in Azerbaijan?

All around me in the Israeli city of Ashdod, people were chatting in Russian, darting in and out of stores with signs in Cyrillic, living the lives that they had once lived, as if they were in a mythical, far-flung former Soviet republic. I had come from Moscow to explore Israel, but when I reached Ashdod, a port on the Mediterranean that is shunned by most guidebooks, I almost felt as if I were back where I had started. Minus the snow. [...]


  1. Russian Gentiles eating pork are not a problem.

    The problems surrounding Russian Gentiles in Israel are the Anti Semitic attacks against elderly Jews, the swastikas, the rapes of Jewish women, the gangs, the violent crimes and of course the missionizing Jews to Christianity from the Churches which are paid for by American and European Evangelicals.


  2. It seems to me the article was written because Russians are 'exotic'.

    The fact is that they aren't much different in substance than others from English speaking countries or French speaking countries or Spanish speaking countries who immigrated to Israel for the last 100 plus years.

    Some integrate faster, some more slowly and some will never integrate at all.

    'Steak lavan' isn't newly arrived, either. We just pretend it is. The fact is if that is the worst thing these immigrants do, we're lucky. As revolting as it is, I can think of far greater averos.

  3. http://www.futureofcapitalism.com/2010/02/jobs-bill-or-spending-bill

    The Senate voted 70 to 28 yesterday in favor of what the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal news sections are both calling a "jobs bill" but which might perhaps more accurately be called a spending bill. Congress's antiquated Web site makes it hard to link to this data, but the Senate and House reports that go along with the bill both disclose staggering amounts of earmarks, spending directed by individual senators and members of Congress.

    Chabad of Southern Nevada, which is a Lubavitcher hasidic group, will get $250,000 for a drug outreach program at the request of Senator Reid. Chabad houses in Los Gatos, Calif. ($200,000) and Tarzana, Calif. ($100,000) also will get federal anti-drug money, at the direction of Rep. Michael Honda and Rep. Bradley Sherman. Why not? All the religions are getting a piece of the action; $500,000 requested by Senator Mikulski of Maryland for Episcopal Community Services of Maryland to help ex-convicts into the workforce and $400,000 for Catholic Charities of New Orleans to expand its family services. The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles will get $1 million for its "Tools for Tolerance" program at the request of Senator Shelby.

    The police department in Larchmont, N.Y. will get $100,000 for a new communications system, requested by Rep. Nita Lowey, while the Bronx Zoo will get $1 million to spend on the Bronx River, requested by Rep. Jose Serrano. Philadelphia will get $250,000 for a Father's Day Rally at the request of Rep. Chaka Fattah.

    Surely many of these programs are worthwhile, but how it creates jobs to borrow from the Chinese or from future generations of Americans, or to tax current American workers, and spend it on these programs that used to be locally or privately funded initiatives is beyond me. How the press can portray it as a job-creation bill or a jobs bill, as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal did in their headlines, is also beyond me. What I think I do understand is that the politicians approve these grants because then they get campaign contributions from the board members or lobbyists for these groups, or they get thanked in the group's newsletters, or they report the program or spending in their own newsletters to constituents, mailed at taxpayer expense using the franking privilege available to incumbents but not to challengers.

  4. We need to dump these Russian Goyim out of Eretz HaKodesh.

  5. missionizing Jews to Christianity from the Churches which are paid for by American and European Evangelicals.


    There is connection between the time article to the Russians in Israel, Jersey girl is so obsessed with defending Islam and attacking Christianity so she finds any opportunity she can to dump her nonsense

  6. To Dave:

    We need to dump these Charedi Goyim who commit kol minei avros and crimes out of our kehillas.

    I feel better already.

  7. R. Eidensohn:

    Please check out this BBC story:

    Lost Jewish tribe 'found in Zimbabwe'


  8. I think English-speakers are much worse in adapting than the russians.

    What is more, they think everyone has to speak english. It does not even occur to them that they should learn ivrit.

    I am also astonished at the abysmally bad ivrit spoken by persons, who have learned lashon hakodesh since kindergarten age...
    How can you be so proficient in hebrew and yet so utterly inarticulate in Ivrit? It boggles my mind.


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