Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Israel objects to U.S. demands


The discord between the United States and Israel over Jewish building in East Jerusalem deepened Tuesday with Israeli officials saying they would reject demands by Washington and expressing anger over the public upbraiding of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by the Obama administration.

On a day of scattered disturbances by Palestinians in East Jerusalem, news emerged that Israel was moving ahead with a second building project there. A notice on the Web site of the Israel Lands Authority invited bids on construction of 309 new homes in the Jewish suburb of Neve Yaakov, in northeast Jerusalem.

A spokesman for the Jerusalem municipality said building and planning across the city were moving ahead. “For us, it is business as usual,” the spokesman, Stephan Miller, said.[...]


  1. How many ways can the gov't I'm funding is wrong:

    1- Ramot isn't "Arab East Jerusalem". It was never settled by Arabs, it's not near any Arab neighborhoods, and the whole portrayal of Ramat Shemuel as a "settlement" is simply sheqer.

    2- Israel has proven twice now that settlements do not create facts on the ground. Nothing Israel builds represents a claim the country is unwilling to relinquish.

    3- This declaration was made on a Tues. The previous Fri, Arabs threw stones and cinderblocks down onto the Kotel Plaza. Total silence from Washington. Aparently violence doesn't derail a pursuit of peace, only building homes does.

    Of course, there is probably a causal link -- Israel likely decided to assert its rights over Y-m (as taken for granted by every US president until this one) IN RESPONSE TO the Arab attack trying to drive us out of it. Who only condemns a defensive response, and not the attack?

    Nor does the second attack, the yesterdays attempt to turn it into something they can portray as a "cycle of violence", a/k/a Intifadeh III ch"v, get any condemnation.

    All of which emboldens Iran, sitting in the background, as it implies a lack of US willingness to risk anything for Israel.

    But -- teshu'as Hashem keheref ayin!



    Listen to "Rabbi" Sara Hurwitz speak this week at the Feminist conference on the embedded YouTube clip.

    Besides her shteller at Avi Weiss's shul she is also the head of "Yeshiva" Maharat for women and says that her talmidim are getting "semicha" but that she will not use the word in case the Agudah & RCA make problems for her.

    She says she has an agreement with Hillel to place her graduates as campus "rabbis".

    This woman is completely delusional as is clear from what she says.

    Why did YU recently allow her to speak to the student body?

  3. I believe the BBC has a better take.

    US, Israel push to end row over East Jerusalem building:

    US and Israeli diplomats are trying to bridge divisions over Israeli building plans in occupied East Jerusalem, as clashes in the city subsided...

    Read it here

    Look for a new and improved anti Israel narrative at the NYT soon.


    What a mess! Here is a psak beis din from Badatz Shevet Mishor in Monroe. A bochur was mazmin Spinker yeshiva menahel Berel Ashkenazi for witness tampering in a goyishe criminal court case. Ashkenazi is the guy who tried to defend convicted pedophile Boruch Lebovits during last week's trial when the prosecutor laughed him off the stand as someone under investigation for crimes himself.

    The beis din is assering the bochur IN WRITING from telling the police that Ashkenazi is tampering with his eidus. This is ILLEGAL. Are they crazy to write such a thing?

    Is the Pinchos Rabinowitz on this beis din the same guy who sat on Tropper's beis din in Monsey for suspicious EJF gerus? It is claimed that it is the same guy.

  5. Was Rav Sternbuch not shown the airport scanner images and poskened they are not prust or assur?

    All of the sudden, the Agudah and OU are so frum?

    In a letter to Congress, Agudath Israel, an Orthodox Jewish umbrella group, called the full-body imaging "offensive, demeaning and far short of acceptable norms of modesty" within Judaism and other faiths.

    It said the devices should be used only on passengers who fail metal detectors.

    Rabbi Steven Weil, CEO of the Orthodox Union, said the scanners violate Jewish laws on modesty.


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