Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Israeli relationship with America


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called it insulting to the United States earlier this month that the Jewish state announced new construction on disputed land while Vice President Joe Biden was visiting. Not only did the Israeli declaration seem designed to torpedo indirect peace talks with the Palestinians, which the United States had just painstakingly arranged, but it came during a trip by the highest-ranking member of the Obama administration yet to visit the country.


  1. So when Ahmedwhazhiswants calls America the great Satan and threatens it with war, Obama begs him for a meeting so they can talk about things.

    When Israel makes a routine announcement about the approval of step 4 of 7 on a construction project in an already existing neighbourhood, it's an international crisis.

    I forget who said it: He whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.


    Why don't we just all cry foul together?

    It doesn't matter that we are in danger of losing our last friend in the international community...

    Or that Iran is on the ascent...

    Or that we don't have the money or the power to go it alone...

    You feels so good to be right...

    This is just what Saddam did even as he did have the ability to stop the US attack by proving the real fact that he had no WMD...

    Sink the ship rather than compromise with reality!!

  3. It was Euripdes, though Seneca later quoted it...

    Though the actual quote is, "He whome the gods would destroy they first make proud."

  4. Much Ado About Nothing or a Tempest in a teapot.

    Michael Ross: Israel passport row is just political theatre:

    The expulsion of an Israeli diplomat by Britain over what it considers the fraudulent use of its passports by Israel's secret intelligence service, Mossad, in the assassination of Hamas terrorist leader, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, has more to do with optics than actually punishing Israel diplomatically.

    Michael Ross is a 13-year veteran deep-cover officer of the Mossad. He used alias identities during the span of his career.

    Read it all:


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