Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yemen: End of the Jewish community


About 60 Yemini Jews have been secretly flown in to the United States since July, the Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday, adding that 100 more were scheduled to arrive in the coming months.

Earlier in the year Haaretz reported that the U.S. government was taking part in efforts to extricate Jews in Yemen as result of the physical harassment they had suffered from their Muslim neighbors.[...]



    The threat is not just from a resurgent al Qaeda but also from the disappearing water table.

  2. R' Nosson Wachtfogel zl held that they should not be resettled in Kiryas Yoel. He said this when the first wave of Teimanim came to the US. His words were prophetic considering that the Teimanim there were harassed and persecuted, first by shady elements in the community, then by community leaders trying to cover up the scandal.

    There was a lengthy expose on this in the Jewish Voice newspaper of Teaneck NJ.

  3. He never said that. Many Gedolei Yisroel were fully supportive, and indeed behind, the KJ communities rescue and supporting of the Teimini Jews.

  4. Not everything that R' Nosson zl said was publicly broadcast. To steer the Teimanim away from KJ, he encouraged a fundraising drive in Lakewood to bring them there, even though kollel yungerleit are not exactly wealthy themselves. I was in Lakewood at the time and I know the people who were close to the mashgiach.


    This is the original article.

  6. This is the original article in the Jewish Voice newspaper detailing the mistreatment of Teimanim in Kiryas Yoel. This newspaper supposedly does everything with the endorsement of Rabbi Moshe Tendler. It's a moot point whether you hold of him or not because the main perpetrator in this story has since been arrested and convicted.
    DT - The point of the article - which I don't want to publish the link - is not simply that someone got raped. It is an indictment of the whole community. The evidence is not clear and the quality of the article is very poor and clearly biased.

    I would think that there are some other articles on the subject which you can find which I would publish.
    Rav Tendler's supposed support of the newspaper is irrelevant. This article is just not acceptable.


    You don't get the whole story here but click on page 2. This is the Asbury Park NJ Press owned by Gannett, the parent company of USA Today. According to this report, some Lakewood rabbonim were also covering up as far as only wanting a beis din to deal with it. The roshei yeshiva have since been chozer from this line of thinking after seeing from experience that batei din are not equipped to deal with abuse cases.

  8. There was also a lot of information on the Kiryas Yoel Teimani scandal at the Awareness Center website which I know for a fact has the haskoma of Rav Blau. But the Awareness Center has been having funding difficulties and much of the website is currently offline.


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