Friday, October 23, 2009

Falashmura:Never ending Ethiopian immigrantion


The menu in the kitchen at the Falashmura transit camp in Gondar, northern Ethiopia, is written in English, even though none of the camp's residents or kitchen workers speak that language. In any event, says Ori Konforti, the menu is not there for the benefit of the diners. It is for the guests, Jews from around the world whose contributions finance the camp's operations. In his book "Tzionut Hafuh al Hafuh" (Zionism Upended, recently published in Hebrew by the Zionist Library), Konforti writes: "There are no intact tables there, no sink and no running water. Everything seems to the Western visitor derelict and dirty. Clearly it is all designed to generate empathy and contributions."

Konforti, who until last year was the Jewish Agency's representative in Ethiopia, says that American-Jewish groups wish to keep the immigration of the Falashmura going in order to generate more contributions from supporters who want to be involved in tikkun olam ("repairing the world" activities), enhance the bringing together of Jews from around the world and improve their own relations with the black community in the United States. Israel, he says, became entangled in commitments to the Falashmura, a group with an almost infinite potential for immigration, due to pressure by nongovernmental organizations and politicians, especially from the Shas party. [...]


  1. Liberal vanity to the max.

    They are dreaming that the Blacks will embrace them who are the most anti-Semitic large group as a whole in the US.

    More than just Liberal vanity, empowering Blacks has become an avodah zara for these secular Jews.

  2. Archie Bunker is saying like the Beis Halevi's pshat of hamavdil bain kodesh lechol, bain or lechoshech.

    If the secular Yidden try getting too close to the "choshech", they will get pushed back because they can't stand Yidden anyway.


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