Monday, October 19, 2009

Multimillionaire takes plea deal in drug case

South Florida Sun Sentinel

A Fort Lauderdale multimillionaire has quietly taken a plea deal in a misdemeanor drug case after telling Israeli media that Broward sheriff's deputies beat him and made anti-Semitic remarks during his arrest. [...]


  1. So much for "You're all gonna lose your jobs!" and the investigation into the "beating by antisemitic cops".

  2. Mashgiach min hachalonosOctober 19, 2009 at 5:11 PM

    I suspect both sides are at fault. It doesn't surprise me if Guma is guilty and the police also appear to be covering up brutality after Guma egged them on. An earlier article said that the police dept could not find the photographs they took of a roughed up and bruised Guma. They were probably "lost" because they were incriminating.

  3. Not that recreational drug use will lower public secular opinion of Guma. It will even be a plus with freye Israeli soccer fans and other secular Liberals. It is in vogue after the 1st Black President, Bill Clinton and the second Black President, False Messiah Obama, publicly admitted to doing drugs.

    (writer Toni Morrison was the first to label Bill Clinton the first Black President)

  4. It would appear that the proper headline here would be billionaire, not multi-millionaire.

  5. It would appear that the proper headline here would be billionaire, not multi-millionaire

    The Israelis talk about shekalim and the Americans about dollars.

  6. Deflating and finding truthOctober 20, 2009 at 2:55 AM

    Billionaire is far from accurate, just an exaggerated media description. Guma himself has never claimed to be a billionaire.

    His actual worth has been quoted differently on each report, but has never been more than millions.

  7. The US Dept of Justice and the Attorney General's Office for the State of Florida have both recently opened official inquiries into allegations of anti semitism and racism on the part of Broward County public officials. (Police, Sheriff's office, municipal government).

    It is a major federal and state investigation on the part of the FBI, the State Attorney General's office and numerous Dept of Justice attorneys.

    I would not discount Guma's claim that he was beaten in Broward county for being a Jew.

  8. Recipients and PublicityOctober 22, 2009 at 9:42 PM

    "Jersey Girl said... I would not discount Guma's claim that he was beaten in Broward county for being a Jew."

    Hi there Jersey Girl, long time no hear, you must now have recovered from all the Yom Tov cooking and hosting etc. Welcome back.

    As for your observations here, it may well be that Guma is the one behind the investigations, he has enough connections, and now that there is an Obama regime in the USA that would love to go after racists and hate crimes it's in the cards.

    And if Guma was beaten it would explain why has even seemingly taken on a more serious tone lately as he grows a little beard and was even photographed wearing a black hat while visiting some big rabbis at 770 at Lubavitch World Headquarters.

    You know, the Tropper-Guma clash has so many parallals. Tropper alleges that Guma beat him up and wanted to defenstrate him in Jerusalem while Guma alleges that the Broward police jumped him and beat him up.

    The narratives are taking on law of the jungle dimensions worthy of "Godfather" movie tales, and then again...

  9. Hi Rap,

    I have been laying off the blog because you have been putting up such amazing posts, that I have been left absolutely speechless! and have had nothing more to add.

    But, Guma is not the one behind the Federal investigations.

    The Federal Gov't's civil rights case against the City of Hollywood (Broward county) is not new. The City of Hollywood settled a religious discrimination lawsuit ( ) in 2006 by paying a 2 million dollar fine to Hollywood Community Synagogue.

    A similar case was filed and won against Cooper City ($800,000) which is another town in Broward County

    Hollywood Community Synagogue may be going back to court against the City of Hollywood due to an alleged contempt (on the part of the City) of the settlement agreement.

    In addition there is also an FHA (Federal Housing) investigation underway on behalf of dozens of Orthodox Jewish families who have allegedly been harassed by the City of Hollywood Code Enforcement and Police Depts.

    The State of Florida Attorney General's Office Civil Rights Division is also investigating in Broward County for alleged violations against Orthodox Jews.

    There is also a current FBI investigation being conducted at the request of the Office of Public Defender that alleges that Hollywood Police officers arrested minority residents for crimes that were never committed.

    Hollywood has Broward County's largest Jewish population.


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