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R' Tropper: Charisma from the Torah

Charisma From the Torah

Posted by Rabbi Tropper Posted in torah Posted on 17-10-2009

I really enjoyed your words and comparative study regarding a topic not often discussed. I want to ask you about Charisma. Again is there any meaning from a Torah perspective to this 'thing' called charisma?

I understand that you were gifted with a tremendous amount of charisma, so I guess you are probably aware of it's spiritual value?
Nosson Velvel A.
Miami Beach, FL

Rabbi Tropper Responds:

Thank you for the generous remark. I do not believe that I possess charisma.

A Torah Jew believes in 'Chayn' or 'Nesias Chayn' which in most cases represents virtue though in of itself is not a virtue. Charisma and its seductive power do not even represent virtue. Charisma and it's power to create social revolutionary change can be extremly dangerous. Hitler, ym'sh had charisma. He used it to become the planet's worst criminal.

Moralists have discounted charisma as 'deplorably superficial'.

Psyhcologists have said that the proverb 'familiarity breeds contempt' has a corollary "foreign breeds charisma".


  1. It's interesting that the questioner capitalizes the word "charisma." That's not the proper way to write. The only place I have seen English written in that way is in all the other questions on Rabbi Tropper's blog... and in his answers.

  2. Show us the michtevei haskomo. Oh, they don't exist? Sorry.

    And why would Tropper deny being familiar with this blog when he is constantly seen typing into his Blackberry, presumably under the alias "Roni"?

    Is there another blog called “daattorah” that seems to continuously focus on attacking the Eternal Jewish Family (which has the backing of 55+ gedolim)?

    It is difficult for me to respond to a blog that I’m totally unfamiliar with. I know of the blog author, however it is clear to me and many others that the word, “Daas Torah” is not applicable when there are all kinds inaccurate stories.

  3. I do not know if Tropper has charisma but being able to milk tens of millions from two billioners shows he's got talent for funds raising. Maybe the federation should hire him.

  4. Recipients and PublicityOctober 19, 2009 at 11:16 AM


    What's he driving at exactly?

    Perhaps the sub-text seems to be that he cannot help himself. That he attracts all sorts of persons, Even those like the nephew who turn out too wild and do not listen to him.

    Or that there are "groupies" that follow him around and he cannot help himself when they fall victim to his "charisma"? This is just too weird. When last did a rabbi discuss his own personal "powers" and who cares? It's obviously tied in with some factor in the current situation he faces.

    Sort of like he is painting himself as the "victim" of his own powers?

    Nice try but no cigar.

  5. I just figured out what's going on here!

    Aguar is very charismatic and popular. Tropper is jealous. So he sets up a question-and-answer which says that charisma is bad, but establishes Tropper as charismatic anyway!

  6. Rabbi Tropper is like Rabbi Bomzer and Rabbi Vinas notorious. We will never stop talking about them. And He's right a charismatic person (Hitler and fidel castro,although pure evil) is unforgettable.


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