Friday, October 23, 2009

Billionaire to fight charges in Florida


Guma Aguiar said this week the court deal he had worked out last month to rid himself of two misdemeanor charges was off. The American-Israeli multimillionaire added that with the help of Alan Dershowitz - who is part of his legal team - he would sue the police officers who he says physically abused him after arresting him in June.

In July, Aguiar had pleaded not guilty and threatened to sue the Broward County Sheriff's Office located in southern Florida for the alleged abuse.

On September 17, Aguiar's lawyers entered a "no contest" plea, which means he neither accepts nor denies guilt for the two charges, possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. According to the deal, Aguiar has to pay $536 in court costs and attend a three-hour drug abuse education course.[...]

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  1. Fla. Gov. Seeks Inquiry Into 'Culture Of Corruption'

    October 15, 2009

    Last month, three officials in Broward County were arrested for steering contracts and on money laundering charges. That was two years after the county sheriff in Broward served prison time on corruption charges.

    Around that same time, in neighboring Palm Beach County, five city and county officials pleaded guilty to similar charges. Then there's a former state House speaker forced to resign and now standing trial for perjury.

    Corruption is as much a part of Florida as orange juice and theme parks, which is why Governor Charlie Crist says he's asking the State Supreme Court to empanel a special grand jury.


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