Friday, June 14, 2024

Power to Resurrect the Dead

 Ramchal (Mesilas Yesharim 26)  When one separates himself from others, remaining in solitude, and preparing himself for the receiving of His holiness, in the way he wishes to go, he will be led, and with the divine help G-d will give him, his soul will strengthen within him and defeat the corporeal, cling to His holiness and be rendered whole through Him. From there, he may ascend to a higher level, namely, Holy Spirit, then his thinking will ascend beyond the bounds of human limits. His clinging may reach such high levels that the key to revival of the dead will be given to him, as it was given to Eliyahu and Elisha. This will reveal how intensely is his clinging to G-d. For in His being the source of life, who bestows life to all living things, as our sages of blessed memory, said: "three keys the Holy One, blessed be He, has retained in His own hands and not entrusted into the hand of any emissary: the Key of the Revival of the Dead...". Behold, one who clings to the blessed G-d completely will be able to draw down even the flow of life itself from Him, which is, what is attributed to G-d more than anything else as I wrote. This is what the Beraitha concludes: "Holiness brings to the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit brings to the Revival of the Dead".

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  1. Ramchal is one of the greatest minds of his era and was on such a level that he wrote or had revelation of more Zohar, eg Zohar kohelet. One would think that 2 of the greatest kabbalists , the Ari and the ramchal, would be able to reach the level he describes. However, tragically they both succumbed to plague when they were relatively young. That's why a healthy dose of rational skepticism must be applied to such claims.


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