Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Biden and Trump: How the two classified documents investigations came to different endings

Trump is accused of not only hoarding classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, but trying to hide them from investigators and working to block the government from clawing them back. Prosecutors have alleged that Trump showed off the documents to people who did not have security clearances to review them and enlisted others to help him hide records demanded by authorities.


  1. Trump is hated by the liberal media and an enemy of the current government.
    Biden is loved by the liberal media and is the current government.
    So of course Trump will face the full wrath of the justice system while every excuse possible will be invented to give Biden a pass.

    1. By that metric, VP Pence must be greatly loved by both the liberal media and the current government, even more so than President Biden, since the documents case against him was closed faster than Biden's.

    2. Well yes. The media has loved Pence ever since he refused Trump's order not to certify Biden.

    3. Much of the media I've seen doesn't really like Pence, but may be sympathetic to a guy whose boss wanted him hanged.

      But if the media and justice department love Biden so much, why has Hunter been charged and convicted for firearms violations? It's very rare for those charges to be pursued.

      And if the media loves Democrats, why are prominent Democrats in the House and Senate facing charges right now?

      Is it possible that, just maybe, the people facing charges or convictions--Hunter Biden, Bob Menendez, Henry Cuellar, and, yes, Donald Trump--are in that situation because they're suspected or guilty of committing serious crimes?

    4. Hunter's was a show trial.
      Look at both cases.
      With Trump, it was about an accounting irregularity he tried to slip past the IRS. It was turned into a national security issue and threat to democracy. He tried to be sneaky by issuing multiple invoices to keep individual amounts low. He was charged separately for each to make it look like he'd committed multiple crimes. 34 charges! Convicted of a major felony. No, one crime, the lowest possible level of felony. Even CNN has commentators calling it a political show trial, run by a guy who won't charge actual violent criminals but seemed to think this trial will uphold justice in the US.
      Now look at Hunter. He lied when he bought a gun. Oooooo. Seriously, that's a national issue? We all had to know about it? This was also a show trial - look, we're not persecuting Trump. The President's own son just got convicted!
      Hunter was a sacrificial lamb who had to endure national humiliation. He will subsequently get a slap on the wrist and go back to his multi-million dollar lifestyle and everyone will say "See? Justice!"

  2. Why don't you address the merits of the allegations instead of you're typical political dancing


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