Thursday, August 4, 2022

Why Did It Take the GOP So Long to Panic About Herschel Walker?

Part of the reluctance is that Walker's troubled past is central to what his friends and political allies call his "transformation story." Walker doesn't deny the allegations about his past. Some, after all, are a matter of public record. He also brought some of them to the public's attention himself, in a 2008 book entitled "Breaking Free: my life with Dissociative Identity Disorder." In the book he discussed his history of mental illness, dealing with multiple personalities that he developed as a coping mechanism to deal with the teasing and bullying he endured as a young child with a stutter. The National Alliance on Mental Illness describes the disorder as "alternating between multiple identities, leaving a person with gaps in memory of everyday events." It notes men with the disorder "can occasionally exhibit more violent behavior rather than amnesia."

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