Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Russia's Ex-Chief of Human Rights Says Ukraine War Provides World Security

"Security guarantees for the Ukrainians, the population of Ukraine, our soldiers are creating these security guarantees as well as our officers and the militia in Donbas. " Dolgov said, according to the video's English subtitles.

"These are the security guarantees for the people of Ukraine, I am absolutely certain of everything I just said.

"These are the security guarantees from Nazism, from provocateurs, big and small, the security guarantees from atomic radiation."

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  1. He's right but for a different reasons.
    Russia's ability to intimidate its neighbours has pretty much come to an end. If it can't take Ukraine, it'll never take anyone else in Europe, especially NATO members. So more world peace.
    What's more, China's thinking - hey, the Russians use a lot of our equipment in Ukraine and it all fell apart. And all our stuff is made in China! Taiwan has a strong, modern armed forces. Maybe we should hold off on invading. So more world peace.


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